Thoughts in the Darkness


Sometimes I prefer the darkness

A comforting bosom to rest a weary night

The solitude eases a gentler breath

Where an indifferent air can’t be taken as a slight


A place to be no-one

Cloaked in black velvet anonymity

That shields from the burning light

And the withering glare of clarity


Embracing the shadows

That ask for nothing, and give even less

Just a pureness of reflection

That has no will, or need to impress


Sometimes I prefer the darkness

Where things don’t have to be defined

And thoughts are free to wander

At the mercy of my own tired mind


Billy 6/1/18















Consumable Society


At least the illusion is real
This concept that life’s comforts are a deal.
And that we’re not just stumbling
From meal to processed meal

While corporations feed on souls
Trade-offs to achieve financial goals
With society closing it’s borders
To those who don’t know their given roles

Where there used to be hope
Now we just find a society that cannot cope
As division stalks the streets
And decency hangs by a hand-knotted rope
We always had the Western lie
That somewhere else
Others have things worse than you and I
And we can make things better if we only try
Our shared fear has a changing face
No longer nation against nation, or race against race
Insatiable greed is the enemy now
So don’t be in the way, when there’s profit to chase
Consumable Society, a World that’s built on sticks
Fed on lies and distracted by cheap tricks
One where it’s thought better
To just throw away and buy afresh, rather than fix
News is a weapon, a dancing clown
Wielded by the wearer of the corporate crown
Greed won the Cold War it seems
And Freedom died the day the wall came down.
Billy 1/12/16




Staring off
Into the grey
Lost in the haze
With nothing to say
Thoughts arising
Then drift and sway
Float off in the breeze
And then up and away
Each new thought
Never spoken aloud
Wrapped in a cloak
An ethereal shroud
Writhing in growth
Into billowing cloud
Looking for form
From a truth un-avowed
The art of the daydream
Allow it to flow
Allow it to fly and
Allow it to grow
Bring it to life
Then you just let it go
And then where it ends up
Well, you just never know

Billy 28/07/16

A Mind so Free


I wanna be eleven again, being nuts is fine
The thought processes going on are bugger all like mine
“Who’d win in a fight between Batman and an Elf?”
“Why cant I grab my own collar and be able to lift myself?”
“If I ride my bike fast, can I leave my shadow behind?”
“No way am I cleaning under my bed, who knows what I’d find”
“Of course I had a wash, no I don’t know why the soap’s still dry”
“After you’ve pulled it’s wings off, what do you call a fly?”
“Could a Policeman arrest a pigeon, for poo-ing in the street?”
“He could use paperclips as handcuffs, to put on it’s little feet”
“When i grow up I want to go and live up on the moon”
“Has anyone seen my walkie-talkies? My mate’s got a helium balloon”
“I love it when school’s shut, I can have loads of fun”
“It’s not my fault I got you up early, I don’t wanna miss the sun”
“I know I just got it yesterday, but now it’s totally wrecked”
Well I suppose that’s what eleven is all about, so what do I really expect?

Billy 8/8/2014