The Light of Leah Little Legs


Her laughter sparkles with a golden shimmer
Even the dog smiles
A sound that visits with a draining delight
Brings a warming light
Like a fireball chasing the gloom
A dervish whirling
Through every corner of the room
Finding memories scribbled on a wall
Of an earlier time
When sunshine came round to call
And a reminder of times yet to play
Nature’s cure for the creeping years
And eternally creeping grey
Lines on the corner of eyes
Pointing like an arrow at that spark
Highlighting the light inside
Instead of the years they had begun to mark
A living, breathing elixir
A spiritual lift
A Granddaughter
Life’s greatest ever gift
Billy 11/12/2016

Nanu nanu Mork



There aren’t many who can make me laugh like you did
The way you were in interviews on telly acting almost rabid
Pumped and full of fun, shining out to all around
Whilst suffering so much inside but you never made a sound
You just appeared on screen in a multi-coloured Bang!!
Blew us all away with your mad comedic thang
Showed us how the manic entertainer does it right
And all the while you kept within, your own internal fight
Your films and shows will make me laugh for years to come
The news of your passing so sadly just leaves us numb
Time to climb back into your egg and head on back to Ork
Thank you for your gift of laughter… Nanu nanu Mork

Billy 12/08/2014 😦