Life and Futility


When you can’t get the words out
Or the feelings on the page
Brain just saying “Fuck you”
And refusing to engage
An internal tide of chaos
With no way to assuage
Too civilised, or programmed
To give in to the rage

The pain that burns inside
Leaves you virtually blind
You fumble in the dark
For any reasons you can find
Trying to collect
The scattered fragments of your mind
The ultimate desire
See what was broken re-entwined

But that way leads to hope
Hope never pays it’s way
Hope just makes suggestions
Of a path out of the grey
Hope’s a dangled carrot
First it’s shown, then pulled away
Hope is just a game
That we never asked to play

The thing I fear the most?
One day I’ll cease to care
And I’ll be less affected
As life pulls away my chair
One day I won’t react
When I see that life’s unfair
And I’ll just turn away from things
I just don’t want to bear

That will be the day I’ll know
That I just cannot win
And if I cannot see this through?
Then why should I begin?
The cards are stacked against us
And rigged to draw us in
The shit is always neck deep
There is no thick or thin

Billy 26/8/16


Dare to Dream

dream big

Cherish moments
Mark the time
Make the memories
But miss the chime
Seize the day
And win the race
Share your smile
From face
…… face
Lead with heart
Then follow through
Give the best
That you can do
Always strive
To give your best
Treat all you meet
As an honoured guest
Be the one
To make a stand
Be the one
With outstretched hand
Embrace the World
Take a chance
Sing out loud
Feel free to dance
Only bite
What you can chew
Only choose
What’s right for you
Be the cat
Who got the cream
Just be you
And dare to dream

Billy 19/08/16

Listen First, Speak Second



People are easy
If you try to understand them
That’s all most people need

To know that you listened
Heard what they said
And made the effort to pay heed

Most folks in general
Are reciprocal of charm
And of positive energy’s feed

Will give freely of themselves
Without a thought for gain
Transcending basic greed

These are the building blocks
The starting points we seek
To a fairer society they lead

One where children
Don’t have to starve
And our young don’t have to bleed

People are easy
And pretty much the same
regardless of colour, faith or creed

Keep this in mind
And we’re on the right path
Honour is a trusty steed

Billy 31/7/16



Strength is finite
Patience wears thin
You wanna talk about opinions?
Where do I begin?
Opinions mean nothing
A concept and no more
You either put yours entertainingly
Or less, and be a bore
Just because I have one
That doesn’t match your view
Doesn’t mean yours doesn’t count
It doesn’t reflect on you
All it means is that you are free
To have your own belief
Live your life by your own rules
Be your own Big fucking Chief
So crack on with your own ways
Rejoice in your own sounds
You are free to have your opinion
It just won’t define my bounds

Billy 29/7/16

Which way’s in? Which way’s out?

referendum flags

The big day
Is approaching
Of both sides
Being hurled
And cast
This shit is getting pretty serious
Just trots out
Breed attitudes
Normally I’d find this shit hilarious
But people
Are having
Their brains bleached
For bullshit
Long over-reached
Trance-like, the proles seem delirious
I fear
For an empty
On course
For collision
With sorrow
Yet those with no plan strut imperious
All that we
Is for clarity
Both sides
On factual parity
Not shrouded in the fog of the mysterious
Just for once
Furnish us
With facts
See what happens
When truths
Instead of just the downright spurious
Billy 30/5/16



You touched my conscience
Destroyed the chain around my heart
Filled it to bursting
And blew those links apart

Allowed a soul starved of air
To taste life’s breath once more
Found this broken person
And helped me off the floor

Showed me how to see again
And how to raise a smile
Reminded me of feelings
I’d not felt in a while

Drew me back to younger times
Smiles, though lined and dated
Arousing tides within
That had too long been abated

Travelling through time
Touching fresh, raw senses
Passing over warning signs
And smashing down defences

Mind a whirling maelstrom
That takes my breath away
Then I catch myself and bite my tongue
I almost gave myself away

Billy 5/7/15

The End of King Stagnation

rise again

It’s looking grim
I’d been kidding myself on I was still reasonably slim
You know? A few press ups for a couple of weeks and I’d be right back in trim
But I’ve just walked past the mirror …. And saw HIM!!!

Shit the years haven’t been kind
It looks like every event on my face has been heavily underlined
Did I not see this coming?.. I mean what was I? Blind?
Did I not see my fairest of all skins, turning into a rind

Time I made a change
But gotta keep it realistic, keep it in my range
Keep it simple and straightforward, nothing freaky, nothing strange
A simple plan of action should be easy to arrange

Re-find my inner glow
Find it’s source, remove the block and let it flow
Find the negatives that held me back, cast them free and let them go
Find the me I’m trying to find, and put him back out there on show

Just got to keep it real
Just do the best I can and get both hands back on the wheel
Put the time in, do the distance, stick to my end of the deal
Be honest to myself, and feel the best that I can feel

I think I’m on the mend
I think I’ve reached a point where I can call myself a friend
The fact I’m standing up for me shows just what I intend
Oh sad old King Stagnation’s reign is coming to an end

Billy 08/04/15