You Don’t Have To Like Me!!!



I’m trying to come across as angry
But laughing like a twat up my sleeve
I’m trying to sound all serious
As if any of you fuckers would believe

I’m trying to make a valid point here
And educate the selectively blind
Trying to open-up their eyes to the crap
And rub their faces, in what we find

I’m taking this one for the greater good
Let them throw what they have in my face
Then instead of the flurry of insults and shit
I’ll shame them with honour and grace

I’m very much a creature of language
And happy to stand by my use of it’s tools
Why should I temper my outburts
To accommodate someone else’s rules

It just makes me piss when I see it
And will not change the man that I am
If I did try to be what you wanted
Then my own life would be but a sham

So anyway, what I am trying to say
Is that no matter how loud your cry
I will not be the person you’re seeking
And I’m not even going to try 😀

Billy 17/02/15


You Know Who You Are


The wasted energy of engaging with a fool
Trying to make sense, while he just rants like a tool
The glaring holes in his logic, providing the very fuel
But trying to educate an bigot, is a very one-sided duel

You can try to make sense, but it just will not go in
Eventually you’ll find your patience starting to wear thin
But I’ve learned from the experience, and took it on the chin
I should feel bad for mocking the afflicted, because it really is a sin

People talk of rights, and their right to free speech is clear
But what about my rights? If I don’t want you in my ear
If I don’t want your bigotry, your hate, your lies, your fear
Surely I should have a right to choose what I have to hear?

But anyway, that was then, today’s another day
Although he’s still a pratt I’ll deal with him another way
Just blocking out his voice, not gonna let him have his say
Should really get under his skin, I’ll call it IDIOT’S DISMAY!!!!

Billy 3/9/2014

Toilet Humour (you’ve gotta love it!!)


An ordinary trump can raise a smile
A squeaker can make people run a mile
A bottom belch can cause fear of doom
A ninja stealth-fart can clear a room

A good smelly parp can make you hated
Keep dropping those and you’ll never get dated
A clap of the cheeks and a twitch of the snout
And we pick up the scent as it emanates out

The looks of disgust as it spreads round the room
The realisation that 4 walls makes a tomb
Watching those round you all gasping for air
But knowing it’s your brand, you smile and don’t care

The one thing I will say though, try to show flair
Whilst farting and trumping your not always aware
So don’t try to push one out just being clever
Coz if it’s a wet one you’ll wish that you never

Although it’s a cracker and smells just like eggs
It’s not as much fun as it runs down your legs
So next time make sure you don’t try it half-hearted
Or you may find the smell hanging round coz you’ve sharted

Billy 1/12/13