Listen First, Speak Second



People are easy
If you try to understand them
That’s all most people need

To know that you listened
Heard what they said
And made the effort to pay heed

Most folks in general
Are reciprocal of charm
And of positive energy’s feed

Will give freely of themselves
Without a thought for gain
Transcending basic greed

These are the building blocks
The starting points we seek
To a fairer society they lead

One where children
Don’t have to starve
And our young don’t have to bleed

People are easy
And pretty much the same
regardless of colour, faith or creed

Keep this in mind
And we’re on the right path
Honour is a trusty steed

Billy 31/7/16



tossing and turning

Didn’t get much sleep last night
Wave after wave of throbbing pain
Groaning over the sound
Of the usually soporific, comforting rain
Trying to find a shape
Of peaceful repose
But only ever for a brief refrain
Then somehow it finds you in the dark, it knows
Twisting, writhing
Just trying to escape its grip
But tied there, caught in the rip
I’d sink if I were a ship
Asking the empty night
To just quietly past me creep
Shut the door behind it
And allow some blessed sleep
But no it’s there
Literally in my face
I wont get to dream again tonight
I’m not being granted any grace
Again I’ll wrestle with pillows
I’ll fight with the sheet
As the pain dictates terms
Of this waking defeat
And once again, the pain has won
Night-time bows to comfort’s thief
As all too soon the night is taken
Day steals in with no relief

Billy 14/8/15

Hiding Behind My Own Face


You think you understand me, and can put me in a box
Even though the fear that drives me keeps me wary like the fox
You’re looking straight on at me, but can’t really see a trace
You only see what I let you see.. I’m hiding behind my own face

You’re trying to read a book when it’s closed, a truly pointless task
Looking to find a way within, to see behind the mask
You’re trying to see through barriers my pain has put in place
You only see what I let you see.. I’m hiding behind my own face

I know that need is in there, that desire to unwind
But tempered by my fear of facing up to what I’ll find
You’re looking out for turmoil, but finding only grace
You only see what I let you see.. I’m hiding behind my own face

You should be glad you’re not in here to ride my inner tide
Although I’m sure you have your own dark places deep inside
If only I could break on out, and feel the world’s embrace
But.. You only see what I let you see.. I’m hiding behind my own face

Billy 12/03/15 😀

Out of Adversity



Have you ever felt the beat of a gambler’s heart?
Felt the pulse begin to quicken, as the race comes to an end?
Have you ever known the passion of a lover?
Or the pain of love’s departure as your heart begins to rend

Have you ever tried to stand up to the “system”
With righteous cause, and pride in faith, this bough will never bend
Did you ever think you’d just end up a victim?
Another sad statistic caused by economic trend

Do you wish you had the right to point a finger?
Judging those around you for the misery life sends
Do you think this right would make you any stronger?
Or maybe that such rights could be a way to make amends?

Do you ever want to shake the world around you?
Show them all the darkness, pain and sorrow that impends
Then show them that we need to work together
And show them how to treat each other, so no one offends

Have you ever felt despair and hope’s abandon?
Witnessing the changes, losing that which we depend
Have you ever thought you’ve reached beyond your limits?
Having given all emotion, now there’s nothing left to spend

Have you ever thought of reaching out to others?
Challenge them to look within, if they’ve a hand to lend
I can only hope and dream one day we wake up
And turn this world around then we can help society mend

Billy 18/02/15

Judgement Day


You judge me..

You don’t know why I do the things I do but..
You judge me..

You don’t know even half of what this head’s been through but..
You judge me..

You’ve never felt the pain inside this heart but..
You judge me..

You’ve never watched my spirit’s dreams depart but..
You judge me..

You’ve never walked a single step in my shoes but..
You judge me..

You’ve never felt the loss I feel when I lose but..
You judge me..

You’ve always walked a different path through this life but..
You judge me..

You’ve never had to battle on through my strife but..
You judge me..

You’ve never had to face my deepest darkness but..
You judge me..

You’ve only seen the tip above the surface but..
You judge me..

Youv’e never had to feel that you’re defeated but..
You judge me..

I wonder if you realise, there’s a pattern being repeated
When you judge me..

Billy 27/ 01/15

Another voice falls silent


As another voice falls silent
We look into our past
We seek connections made
Whether brief, or built to last

As another voice falls silent
We listen for the lark
The symbol that we will go on
That light will follow dark

As another voice falls silent
And time ticks ever on
Counting hours a-passing
And mourning days long gone

As another voice falls silent
With a heavy heart we sigh
Acceptance of the march of time
And another sad goodbye

Billy 23/01/15

The Night Cries


Well, it’s 3 a.m. and I’m still up
Don’t have so much of a sleep pattern, it’s more a random guess
Things kinda happen when they want
A holistic way of living that used get me by, more or less

But the system’s not holding together
Which is why pervasive thoughts invade the dark of night
When defense is weakened by comfort’s lies
Forcing deep subconscious stirrings, unable to run but unwilling to fight

Distorting lines that were straight by light of day
New realities forming in the mist, but not emerging from the gloom
The constant tingle, creeping up the spine
Reminiscent of that feeling when someone walks across your un-dug tomb

Unable even to complete a simple train of thought
The “rhubarb” of random crowd noises , a deafening echo within my own head
Chiding, jeering, mocking.. an imagined assault
A carcass strewn battlefield of reality, from which this tortured mind has fled

Seeking sanctuary as a way to ease the pain
Which I suppose would be best served by trying to close these eyes
To sleep, find some peace, maybe the voices will fade?
But it’s 3 a.m. and I am sat here.. And I’m still listening to their cries

Billy 30/12/14