A Gentle Breeze



A gentle breeze wafts into your soul

Feels comfortingly familiar

As she brushes against your neck

Becomes a part of the moment

Fleeting in passing

But eternal in her effect

The briefest touch, a whispered warmth

That speaks from a heart

Suffused to overflowing with care

Like a breath on a cold winter morning

Condenses into memory’s mist

Hangs there suspended in time for a second

Then evaporates into the air

Billy 26/08/2017







Blood Red Memories


The blood soaked battlefields
Nourished by the life that our young men did bleed
Exploding into bloom, a blazing red
Enriched by the loss of our brightest young seed
A brighter red than any other bloom
But fleeting, and gone all too fast
Symbolic of life in it’s own demise
A token of hope to remember those who passed
Each flower a face
Wide open and fresh, no tracks of any tears
With a gentle nod remember
Keep their memory alive across the misty years
Sacrifices made, prices paid
Lives used as currency to honour a debt
Those lost, husbands, fathers and sons
A cost too high, we must never forget

Billy 08/11/2015

Nanu nanu Mork



There aren’t many who can make me laugh like you did
The way you were in interviews on telly acting almost rabid
Pumped and full of fun, shining out to all around
Whilst suffering so much inside but you never made a sound
You just appeared on screen in a multi-coloured Bang!!
Blew us all away with your mad comedic thang
Showed us how the manic entertainer does it right
And all the while you kept within, your own internal fight
Your films and shows will make me laugh for years to come
The news of your passing so sadly just leaves us numb
Time to climb back into your egg and head on back to Ork
Thank you for your gift of laughter… Nanu nanu Mork

Billy 12/08/2014 😦