Soul Suckers


I see you

Hiding behind your fake-arsed social media lives

Where you can turn your back from the camera

To hide the knives

Sunlight in every picture

Like you never have to face the rain

When the truth is you’re using the shade

To hide the lines that mark the pain

A veneer of competence

An almost impish impudence

Screens the reality

As you scramble to find some personal relevance

Chasing validation

From those who have already accepted your ways

Basing your opinions

On things the next soothing snake-oil salesman says

Downright obsequious

In your attempts to always be the bride

But spread so thin you become no more than a sheen

Like highly polished pride

I see your pain in every cryptic status

“Look at me.. Don’t look at me”

It hits me like a scream

And becomes the only thing about you that I can see

It’s only because I recognise

That you have no control over this apparent need

That I don’t cover the vein and cut you off

But allow you to continue to feed




Billy 10/08/17


Into the Dark


There’s fear in the air
For some it’s just too much
I sense it all around me
I feel it’s stagnant touch

I see it’s shadow darken light
Heartbreak building walls
Deafness to abounding cries
Locked up, darkened halls

Brotherhood a time gone by
As hate devours hope
Society hangs limp by it’s neck
We looped and tied the rope

We’re better than we’re showing
Humanity is key
Unlocking truth’s long hidden
Allow blind eyes to see

Difference can define us
But that way spells defeat
Leads us to division
And spite upon our streets

We look into the chasm
Growing darker day by day
This darkness will devour us
If we can’t find another way

Billy 27/6/15