Directionless Pt 2


I find it hard choosing a course at times
You know? It’s like I start one way, then just flip
Momentum trying to drag me onwards
But turbulent, wild, uncontrolled, caught in a rip
Being tossed from wave to wave and choice after choice
Roll up onto the peak, teeter on the edge, then tip
Into the unseen abyss beyond, down to new depths
Then suddenly I am back in the light, and up on the lip
Caught up in a whirlpool, endlessly on the turn, in the churn
Telling myself, “Look man, you really need to get a grip!!!”
Then forgetting myself as the maelstrom renews
A thought, fleeting, almost there, like a name on my tongue’s tip
Hazy, dreamlike consciousness, like seeing shapes in clouds
But nothing tangible, never the whole story, always only a chip
At the mercy of the winds of imagination, drifting across minds sky
The ghosts of my past, and remnants of my soul, the crew sailing this ship

Billy 13/02/2015


A two Sided Game

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One of the struggles we face in this life
Is that nothing will stay the same
So whether you’re ready, or whether you’re not
Moving on is a two sided gameĀ 

Your feeling the loss, there’s a gap in your heart
You long for your an end to the pain
You fear that you’ll never feel like you once could
Moving on is a two sided game

The depth of a soul is a thing we can’t judge
Or the heat of a passion’s bright flame
But the flame is alive and it chooses it’s path
Moving on is a two sided game

It’s hard to accept, that you have no control
And you may never get back there again
As from deep down inside, that unbearable truth
Moving on is a two sided game

Billy 3/1/14