A Gentle Breeze



A gentle breeze wafts into your soul

Feels comfortingly familiar

As she brushes against your neck

Becomes a part of the moment

Fleeting in passing

But eternal in her effect

The briefest touch, a whispered warmth

That speaks from a heart

Suffused to overflowing with care

Like a breath on a cold winter morning

Condenses into memory’s mist

Hangs there suspended in time for a second

Then evaporates into the air

Billy 26/08/2017







A touch across the Web


Avatars in an online society

Discovering a shared World of values and passions


Seeing old faces with eyes anew

And realising that some beliefs were only ever fashions


A rekindled vibrant vitality

Inclusively embraces the reluctantly recluse


Gives voice to silent desires

A place where personality unseen can seduce


That is where the trade-off bites

Detachment still comes at a solitary cost


And as real as those connections are

Logging off at night, means those connections are lost


Connections made in binary form

Spelling out the code for this new tale to be told


Where the hearts that touch us the most

Beat in the chests of loved ones we may never get to hold


Billy 25/7/17






Silver Memories



The cup’s empty
It was once a symbol of triumph
But now it’s an empty chalice
It once shone with pride
Fit to grace the finest Palace
But now, battered and tarnished
Taking up a space
A reminder of another man
A man full of passion and grace
A victim of passing time
The oldest and greatest sinner
Crumbling heroes
Once I felt a winner
The cup was never full
It was always just a token
A sign of times gone by
And memories re-awoken
The cup’s empty
But it never used to be
It used to mean something
And it always will to me

Billy 07/02/15

Judgement Day


You judge me..

You don’t know why I do the things I do but..
You judge me..

You don’t know even half of what this head’s been through but..
You judge me..

You’ve never felt the pain inside this heart but..
You judge me..

You’ve never watched my spirit’s dreams depart but..
You judge me..

You’ve never walked a single step in my shoes but..
You judge me..

You’ve never felt the loss I feel when I lose but..
You judge me..

You’ve always walked a different path through this life but..
You judge me..

You’ve never had to battle on through my strife but..
You judge me..

You’ve never had to face my deepest darkness but..
You judge me..

You’ve only seen the tip above the surface but..
You judge me..

Youv’e never had to feel that you’re defeated but..
You judge me..

I wonder if you realise, there’s a pattern being repeated
When you judge me..

Billy 27/ 01/15

Another voice falls silent


As another voice falls silent
We look into our past
We seek connections made
Whether brief, or built to last

As another voice falls silent
We listen for the lark
The symbol that we will go on
That light will follow dark

As another voice falls silent
And time ticks ever on
Counting hours a-passing
And mourning days long gone

As another voice falls silent
With a heavy heart we sigh
Acceptance of the march of time
And another sad goodbye

Billy 23/01/15

The Night Cries


Well, it’s 3 a.m. and I’m still up
Don’t have so much of a sleep pattern, it’s more a random guess
Things kinda happen when they want
A holistic way of living that used get me by, more or less

But the system’s not holding together
Which is why pervasive thoughts invade the dark of night
When defense is weakened by comfort’s lies
Forcing deep subconscious stirrings, unable to run but unwilling to fight

Distorting lines that were straight by light of day
New realities forming in the mist, but not emerging from the gloom
The constant tingle, creeping up the spine
Reminiscent of that feeling when someone walks across your un-dug tomb

Unable even to complete a simple train of thought
The “rhubarb” of random crowd noises , a deafening echo within my own head
Chiding, jeering, mocking.. an imagined assault
A carcass strewn battlefield of reality, from which this tortured mind has fled

Seeking sanctuary as a way to ease the pain
Which I suppose would be best served by trying to close these eyes
To sleep, find some peace, maybe the voices will fade?
But it’s 3 a.m. and I am sat here.. And I’m still listening to their cries

Billy 30/12/14