The politics of anger


You were angry when you couldn’t get your way
Fuming when antagonists had their say
Livid when the promises went astray
And even though you won? You’re somehow angrier today

Accomplice to the start of truth’s demise
Convinced that this would lead to bluer skies
Deaf to people’s fears and victim’s cries
And still you won’t accept, the whole campaign was built on lies

Consequence dismissed as “project fear”
With those consequences creeping ever near
Immune to the truth about those beacons you revere
Who are selling out your rights to the things you hold most dear

I get that politics can be intense
And that all you get is splinters if you sit upon the fence
But comes a time you must accept the sense
And stop divisive headlines from dictating your offence

I never would insult you, or call you for a fool
But I will tell you now that I think that it’s uncool
To fall for a doctrine so obviously cruel
And by spreading that division, be complicit as it’s tool

I don’t need to judge you, or tell you who to be
I’m happy in the knowledge that my own will is still free
I’m fine with you seeing things differently to me
Because although we’re different branches, we still branch from the same tree

Billy 22/01/2016


Your “Mail” is showing


Who still buys a paper?
Who thinks we’re going in the right misdirection?
And then tries to justify it with “I don’t really read it”
“I only get it for the telly and sport section?”
Yet you still attune to their stance
Without ever seeing the connection
Or feeling yourself led by the nose
To every kneejerk, over-reaction
Dragged in by headlines
A daily dose of bias confirmation
Programming a once open mind
Setting what was once YOUR inclination
Subverting core values
To control your imagination
Setting the patterns
For your every consternation
A breakfast of opinion
Selective in reflection
Breeding diseased thoughts
A self-administered infection
Billy 31/12/16

Consumable Society


At least the illusion is real
This concept that life’s comforts are a deal.
And that we’re not just stumbling
From meal to processed meal

While corporations feed on souls
Trade-offs to achieve financial goals
With society closing it’s borders
To those who don’t know their given roles

Where there used to be hope
Now we just find a society that cannot cope
As division stalks the streets
And decency hangs by a hand-knotted rope
We always had the Western lie
That somewhere else
Others have things worse than you and I
And we can make things better if we only try
Our shared fear has a changing face
No longer nation against nation, or race against race
Insatiable greed is the enemy now
So don’t be in the way, when there’s profit to chase
Consumable Society, a World that’s built on sticks
Fed on lies and distracted by cheap tricks
One where it’s thought better
To just throw away and buy afresh, rather than fix
News is a weapon, a dancing clown
Wielded by the wearer of the corporate crown
Greed won the Cold War it seems
And Freedom died the day the wall came down.
Billy 1/12/16

Which way’s in? Which way’s out?

referendum flags

The big day
Is approaching
Of both sides
Being hurled
And cast
This shit is getting pretty serious
Just trots out
Breed attitudes
Normally I’d find this shit hilarious
But people
Are having
Their brains bleached
For bullshit
Long over-reached
Trance-like, the proles seem delirious
I fear
For an empty
On course
For collision
With sorrow
Yet those with no plan strut imperious
All that we
Is for clarity
Both sides
On factual parity
Not shrouded in the fog of the mysterious
Just for once
Furnish us
With facts
See what happens
When truths
Instead of just the downright spurious
Billy 30/5/16

The politics of misdirection


We’re plagued by doubts
Beset by questions
But pay no more than lip service
To well meaning suggestions
It kinda just proves
That we seek not information
More just an ego wank
Of bias confirmation
It doesn’t help that media
Tells us what we need
Bends us to their will
With poison in their feed
It doesn’t help that prudence
Cannot reach a mind that’s closed
One that never questions
Will not see a lie opposed
I fear for where we’re heading
When those leading, just wont see
A future more substantial
Than “what will be, will be”
Billy 22/5/16

You Know Who You Are


The wasted energy of engaging with a fool
Trying to make sense, while he just rants like a tool
The glaring holes in his logic, providing the very fuel
But trying to educate an bigot, is a very one-sided duel

You can try to make sense, but it just will not go in
Eventually you’ll find your patience starting to wear thin
But I’ve learned from the experience, and took it on the chin
I should feel bad for mocking the afflicted, because it really is a sin

People talk of rights, and their right to free speech is clear
But what about my rights? If I don’t want you in my ear
If I don’t want your bigotry, your hate, your lies, your fear
Surely I should have a right to choose what I have to hear?

But anyway, that was then, today’s another day
Although he’s still a pratt I’ll deal with him another way
Just blocking out his voice, not gonna let him have his say
Should really get under his skin, I’ll call it IDIOT’S DISMAY!!!!

Billy 3/9/2014

Political Impotence … (Contains bad language)

images (3)

Look away if you’re easily offended or of gentle disposition
It’s about time I opened up and went on a bit of a mission
Time to make people realise how gladly they’re being led
To perpetuate this system, whilst willingly being bled

Already shafted by the time you eventually sit up and pay attention
And see how you’ve been duped by their mirrors and deflection
When will you realise that the News is not your friend?
It’s just another medium they use to achieve their own needs-driven ends.

They spit out some facts, padded out with their lies
So there’s always some small truths to dazzle your eyes
They whip up bad feeling, say they’re patriotic to the core
When to them it don’t mean shit.. They’re just counting up the score

Distracted by the Media, “Oooh immigration’s drowning us”
When the real issues fucking things up are those tossers driving this bus
We need to look deeper. question what’s being said
Cut through the shit enough to think with a clear head

We need to start to question all, don’t just be a sheep
Don’t let these wankers bend you over and fuck you while you sleep
It’s about time we woke up and accepted some blame and some shame
By voting at all we’re complicit as well, as we’re guilty of playing their game.

Billy 1/5/14