A Life in the Day of


Eyes flutter open, seeing with light afresh

Unveiling visions

Sparkling with early dew


Pure and clean, untainted by the day to come

Crisp, sharp air

Nature’s heady brew


Hitting mid morning with spring-heeled leap

The child has no pride

He’s just along for the ride


Lessons learned and hurdles jumped

That first real feeling

Of battling the tide


The Mid-day sun brings heat and passion’s flame

Playing along with the game

And those first pangs of shame


Chasing memories while the energy is fresh

Marking your territory

And staking your claim


Stealing smiles across the afternoon

As the day peaks

And time inexorably leaks


Accelerating forward

Turning minutes to hours, hours to days

And days into weeks


Then eventide to bask in the glow

Make sense of the day

Take pride in your stock


Remembering the air, the light

The heat of the fight

Looking back to when you walked that walk


As the shadows take over

And the darkness grows

That’s when true nature shows


A legacy of what we shared

As the light fades

And the night forces the day to a close


Billy 10/3/17














I saw you again today
Spouting some shit or other on the news
Hanging society’s ills on everyone but those to blame
From Europe, to Muslims, Arabs and Jews
Spreading your fear
To anyone unwilling to challenge the bullshit you use
Those who seek someone to divert their shame
But never question your unsustainable reactionary views
I saw you again today
I still don’t get why you’re given the airtime to abuse
It’s almost like you’re being played like a piece in a game
And it doesn’t really matter which fascist stands there in your shoes
Telling us who to hate
I can’t be the only one who’s seeing through your ruse
The whole façade crumbling, but the vitriol still the same
Turning communities from vibrant to recluse
I saw you again today
Using your lies to attack and accuse
Fanning the embers you helped to inflame
Goading the angry as violence brews
Pointing your accusing finger
Causing us to feel like the whole country has the blues
All just to make people know your name
The narcissist inside you guarantees we’re born to lose
Billy 5/3/17

As Dead As Pretty Little Flowers in a Vase

You look so smooth
Polished and preserved
Like a work of art
Trying to live a lie
Without ever being in control
Of your own fickle heart
Cracks papered over
Trying to maintain a certain image
While inside you’re falling apart
Living life like a thoroughbred
When you were never any more
Than twenty minutes off the cart
Reaching too far and too fast
Without roots anchored
To take any strain
Believing you’re the strongest link
When you were never even
A part of the chain
The saddest part?
Given the chance?
You would do it all the same again
And still you can’t see
That this whole created psyche 
Is simply just insane
But there you go again
Hitting the town, the clubs
The brightly lit bars
Half remembered memories
Of being chauffeured to parties 
In other people’s cars
A flashing, strobe-lit blur
Of camera flashes, spotlights
And dancing under the stars
When will you ever realise
You’re already as dead
As the pretty flowers in a vase
Billy 17/12/2016

A Man of Many Layers


When I walk down the street
I’m who I’m meant to be
There is no incongruity here
I’m exactly what you see
At home I am seen as a parent
Protector, teacher, guide
Moulding the minds of young
And nurturing what’s inside
If we ever have to meet
You will find I fit my role
And the person I am in that moment in time
Will seem like he’s my “whole”
Respect will earn you a welcome
A hand I will gladly extend
Your problems will then become mine
As this is how I treat a friend
Come to me seeking solutions
You find warmth, understanding and tact
But wrong me and meet someone bitter
Neither pleasant, nor righteous in act
What I am trying to say here
Is that no matter what you think you know
You only know of a person
The persona they currently show
There is no definitive me
That I can now point to and say
This is the very same person I was
Both yesterday and today
So it seems I’m in a state of flux
Ethereal, like a formless mist
And the only certainty I know about me
Is that apparently I don’t really exist

Billy 27/11/16

I should listen


There’s been a whisper
Every time in my head when I make a choice
More a sense of knowing
Than any kind of actual voice
Like a separate me
One that’s steeped in age
Timeless in knowledge
Dripping with the wisdom of a sage
A guiding hand
That would lead me as I go
Lead me to conclusions
That I must already know

And yet this inner knowing
Is left to go unheard
And knowing that it’s from within
Just makes that more absurd
It seems my inner guardian
With answers to my fears
Has faded into background noise
And fallen on deaf ears
The little piece within me
That wants to see me fly
Finds himself outnumbered
By me, myself and I

Billy 6/11/16

It does exactly what it says on the tin


I’m the sum of my parts
The result of my whole
I wear the scars
Of every missed goal
A life you can read
In the lines on my face
I don’t do “hidden depths”
Those are wasted space
If I’ve lived it, it’s there
Right out on display
In the tones of my voice
In the things that I say
Lessons I have learned
Causes I have fought
Truths I’ve discovered
Lies I have bought
A collection of being
All wrapped up in me
There is no illusion here
I am what you see

Billy 5/10/16

If you don’t know, ask

question mark

We’re all
Tied down with

We all have things
We need
To know

It’s by educating ourselves

That we allow

To grow

So never stop learning

Never fail
To hold up your hand

Ask for explanations

Know what
You are standing for

You make your stand

Always seek answers

Don’t be blind
To answers
You wouldn’t want to see

Fears not

And will not set you free

Billy 12/8/15