A touch across the Web


Avatars in an online society

Discovering a shared World of values and passions


Seeing old faces with eyes anew

And realising that some beliefs were only ever fashions


A rekindled vibrant vitality

Inclusively embraces the reluctantly recluse


Gives voice to silent desires

A place where personality unseen can seduce


That is where the trade-off bites

Detachment still comes at a solitary cost


And as real as those connections are

Logging off at night, means those connections are lost


Connections made in binary form

Spelling out the code for this new tale to be told


Where the hearts that touch us the most

Beat in the chests of loved ones we may never get to hold


Billy 25/7/17







Your “Mail” is showing


Who still buys a paper?
Who thinks we’re going in the right misdirection?
And then tries to justify it with “I don’t really read it”
“I only get it for the telly and sport section?”
Yet you still attune to their stance
Without ever seeing the connection
Or feeling yourself led by the nose
To every kneejerk, over-reaction
Dragged in by headlines
A daily dose of bias confirmation
Programming a once open mind
Setting what was once YOUR inclination
Subverting core values
To control your imagination
Setting the patterns
For your every consternation
A breakfast of opinion
Selective in reflection
Breeding diseased thoughts
A self-administered infection
Billy 31/12/16

Consumable Society


At least the illusion is real
This concept that life’s comforts are a deal.
And that we’re not just stumbling
From meal to processed meal

While corporations feed on souls
Trade-offs to achieve financial goals
With society closing it’s borders
To those who don’t know their given roles

Where there used to be hope
Now we just find a society that cannot cope
As division stalks the streets
And decency hangs by a hand-knotted rope
We always had the Western lie
That somewhere else
Others have things worse than you and I
And we can make things better if we only try
Our shared fear has a changing face
No longer nation against nation, or race against race
Insatiable greed is the enemy now
So don’t be in the way, when there’s profit to chase
Consumable Society, a World that’s built on sticks
Fed on lies and distracted by cheap tricks
One where it’s thought better
To just throw away and buy afresh, rather than fix
News is a weapon, a dancing clown
Wielded by the wearer of the corporate crown
Greed won the Cold War it seems
And Freedom died the day the wall came down.
Billy 1/12/16

Flouncy McFlounceface



I saw something that offended me

I couldn’t believe my eyes

Someone speaking an untruth

And people falling for their lies

With nary a voice of balance

To offer an opposing view

Profanity strewn insults

Turning the internet blue

Feelings being posted

On subjects quite intense

Will give me what I’m after

I WANT to take offence

It would have been so easy

To stand and fight my cause

Make subtle points to state my case

Reaping “likes” as silent applause

But no, That’s just too easy

I have another way

Just watch this space, I have a plan

You won’t forget THIS day

I’m going to let my panties bunch

As into my hands you play

Stamp my feet like a whiny bitch

And then I’ll run away

Gather all the strength I can

Muster every ounce

And then I’ll don my tutu

And off I fucking flounce


Billy 29/4/16  😀



“Are you sure you want to leave this page?”
Am I the only one who finds this question tense?
It just seems so terminal, so final
Closure in a can…Condensed

Something could happen which I might miss
A connection that could change my path forever
Opportunities passing unseen through the “net”
By the choice made of that connection to sever

Hovering the curser, so uncertain
Do I really need to put this pressure on a tired mind?
But by closing down and switching off now
Aren’t I technically just making myself blind?

It’s a sad state of affairs this online malarky
Addictive in how it allows easy time to pass
Not so easy when it comes to clicking to close down
The truth is, this damned internet owns my ass

Billy 13/11/14 😀


Living by Proxy


Well I’m back lovely people, has anyone missed me?
I’ve been offline for weeks, felt I was in Purgatory

It came as quite a shock, how dependent I’d become
On living my life through others, whilst sat here on my bum

I need to make some changes, prioritise a bit
Get out and smell manure in the fields, instead of wading through Facebook shit

I may have felt lost in some ways in these weeks
But it’s opened my eyes to the way that life leaks

The gaps filled with fog when I would have been here
Were spent looking inwards with vision newly clear

Facing up to the stuff that I’d been trying to avoid
Can be quite therapeutic, so I’m feeling rather buoyed

I only hope this bridge will stand strong and stay erect
My route back from the virtual, with a positive effect

I’m gonna try making that lemonade, with the lemons that life has sent
Just coming on here for a laugh or a chat, a debate or just maybe to vent

Well anyway, as usual I will end with a kind of a point
Try to make some sense of the time I’ve been spending in this joint

One foot’s in the “real-world” now, testing the water’s heat
No more living by proxy, I’m back in the driving seat

Billy 08/08/2014