A Gentle Breeze



A gentle breeze wafts into your soul

Feels comfortingly familiar

As she brushes against your neck

Becomes a part of the moment

Fleeting in passing

But eternal in her effect

The briefest touch, a whispered warmth

That speaks from a heart

Suffused to overflowing with care

Like a breath on a cold winter morning

Condenses into memory’s mist

Hangs there suspended in time for a second

Then evaporates into the air

Billy 26/08/2017







Crash and Burn


Wrong again
Always the same
You can hold on
To a living flame
Favour glanced
Then away she turned
Leaves ashen heart
And advances spurned
By desire
To feel the heat
Left feeling cold
And incomplete
A molten core
Of passion inside
Which has to dry it’s tears
……And hide
Because you got it wrong again
It’s always the same
Gagging on rejection
And choking
On shame
Fake humility
As hope is churned
As once again
You’ve crashed
And burned
Billy 04/02/2017

Walking my own path


If there’s a judgement forming?
Then just fucking don’t
An attempt to label who I am?
Well it just fucking won’t
You really think you’re helping here?
You couldn’t be more wrong
Your just filling my gaps with your own views
Putting them where they don’t fucking belong
Please don’t use your standards
To judge the things I do
I don’t necessarily march along
To the same beat of the drum as you
Your World, and mine, are not the same
They turn at their own pace
To find their paths to what will be
It’s not a fucking race
So now I’ll struggle forwards
Try to follow my own lead
Through this thorny uncertainty
You cultured from your seed
I will take your judgement
And what you think you know
And even though it weighs me down?
I just won’t let it show
So get off your moral high horse
Try to see things from down here
Then before you make assumptions
Don’t just listen.. Try to hear
I won’t try to meet your challenge
Play your game and toe your line
Because although you think it’s the only way?
That’s your opinion ……… Not fucking mine

Billy 16/9/16

Downhill in all directions

Top Highest Waterfall

Nothing seems real
You forget how to feel
When you fall from the top of the World

No longer moved
By what was once a big deal
When you fall from the top of the World

It’s downhill all round
A long way to the ground
When you fall from the top of the World

Music has no soul
Just becomes an ordered sound
When you fall from the top of the World

Spirit seeking hope
Never finds any good
When you fall from the top of the World

A heart that once dreamed
Now splintered like wood
When you fall from the top of the World

No blessed relief
A happiness thief
When you fall from the top of the World

No spark left inside
Extinguished by grief
When you fall from the top of the World

Billy 21/08/16

Dare to Dream

dream big

Cherish moments
Mark the time
Make the memories
But miss the chime
Seize the day
And win the race
Share your smile
From face
……..to face
Lead with heart
Then follow through
Give the best
That you can do
Always strive
To give your best
Treat all you meet
As an honoured guest
Be the one
To make a stand
Be the one
With outstretched hand
Embrace the World
Take a chance
Sing out loud
Feel free to dance
Only bite
What you can chew
Only choose
What’s right for you
Be the cat
Who got the cream
Just be you
And dare to dream

Billy 19/08/16

Hollow Victory



I hear people talk about winning
As a state achieved in life
That’s fine as long as you’re aware
It’s just one edge to the knife?

I mean, surely to win means to compete
With an end to make the victory complete
Which leads me to my point
What about those you have to defeat?

To be a winner means someone has to lose
Your elation someone else’s blues
Would you still consign them to failure
If their fate was your’s to choose?

So are you still winning?
Do you still see life as a game?
Will you only ever feel passion’s flame
And never taste the bitterness of shame?

And we wonder why society drowns
Over your shoulder, it’s trailing in your wake
But you can’t see the turmoil you cause
Too busy kicking forward to claim your stake

So anyway, don’t tell me you’re winning
When it’s built on defeat of your kin
You can keep your hollow successes
There’s more to our race than the win

Billy 7/2/16

I Feel



I feel for those
Who just won’t see

I feel for those
Who don’t feel for me

I feel for those
Stumbling over tact

I feel for those
Blocking out the facts

I feel for those
Denying how they feel

I feel for those
Who say it isn’t real

I feel for those
With their head in their hands

I feel for those
With their heads in the sand

I feel for those
Who look the other way

I feel for those
Finding nothing when they pray

I feel for those
Who have fallen for the lies

I feel for those
With terror in their eyes

I feel for those
With no trust in those who lead

I feel for those
Who chose our leaders out of greed

I feel for those
Who just don’t know what they have done

I feel for those
Who put their clouds before my sun

I feel for those
Who would silence my free voice

I feel for those
Who would stifle honest choice

I feel for those
Who will recognise this curse

And I feel for all
As it’s only getting worse

Billy 3/12/15