The Light of Leah Little Legs


Her laughter sparkles with a golden shimmer
Even the dog smiles
A sound that visits with a draining delight
Brings a warming light
Like a fireball chasing the gloom
A dervish whirling
Through every corner of the room
Finding memories scribbled on a wall
Of an earlier time
When sunshine came round to call
And a reminder of times yet to play
Nature’s cure for the creeping years
And eternally creeping grey
Lines on the corner of eyes
Pointing like an arrow at that spark
Highlighting the light inside
Instead of the years they had begun to mark
A living, breathing elixir
A spiritual lift
A Granddaughter
Life’s greatest ever gift
Billy 11/12/2016

A Mind so Free


I wanna be eleven again, being nuts is fine
The thought processes going on are bugger all like mine
“Who’d win in a fight between Batman and an Elf?”
“Why cant I grab my own collar and be able to lift myself?”
“If I ride my bike fast, can I leave my shadow behind?”
“No way am I cleaning under my bed, who knows what I’d find”
“Of course I had a wash, no I don’t know why the soap’s still dry”
“After you’ve pulled it’s wings off, what do you call a fly?”
“Could a Policeman arrest a pigeon, for poo-ing in the street?”
“He could use paperclips as handcuffs, to put on it’s little feet”
“When i grow up I want to go and live up on the moon”
“Has anyone seen my walkie-talkies? My mate’s got a helium balloon”
“I love it when school’s shut, I can have loads of fun”
“It’s not my fault I got you up early, I don’t wanna miss the sun”
“I know I just got it yesterday, but now it’s totally wrecked”
Well I suppose that’s what eleven is all about, so what do I really expect?

Billy 8/8/2014