A Life in the Day of


Eyes flutter open, seeing with light afresh

Unveiling visions

Sparkling with early dew


Pure and clean, untainted by the day to come

Crisp, sharp air

Nature’s heady brew


Hitting mid morning with spring-heeled leap

The child has no pride

He’s just along for the ride


Lessons learned and hurdles jumped

That first real feeling

Of battling the tide


The Mid-day sun brings heat and passion’s flame

Playing along with the game

And those first pangs of shame


Chasing memories while the energy is fresh

Marking your territory

And staking your claim


Stealing smiles across the afternoon

As the day peaks

And time inexorably leaks


Accelerating forward

Turning minutes to hours, hours to days

And days into weeks


Then eventide to bask in the glow

Make sense of the day

Take pride in your stock


Remembering the air, the light

The heat of the fight

Looking back to when you walked that walk


As the shadows take over

And the darkness grows

That’s when true nature shows


A legacy of what we shared

As the light fades

And the night forces the day to a close


Billy 10/3/17












The Light of Leah Little Legs


Her laughter sparkles with a golden shimmer
Even the dog smiles
A sound that visits with a draining delight
Brings a warming light
Like a fireball chasing the gloom
A dervish whirling
Through every corner of the room
Finding memories scribbled on a wall
Of an earlier time
When sunshine came round to call
And a reminder of times yet to play
Nature’s cure for the creeping years
And eternally creeping grey
Lines on the corner of eyes
Pointing like an arrow at that spark
Highlighting the light inside
Instead of the years they had begun to mark
A living, breathing elixir
A spiritual lift
A Granddaughter
Life’s greatest ever gift
Billy 11/12/2016

Outside looking in


Been out here so long
It’s become home
And always on the roam
A tree
That never sprouts new shoot
How do you fruit?
If you can’t take root?
A view
Of what I see on the inside
No spark
Like a life of being along for a ride
A life
That belongs to mothers
Sons and brothers
And significant others
But never me
Cursed by feeling free
And unable to see
Just who I need to be
Looking for a niche
My own song
A chorus of longing
To belong
To engage like a gear
Cogs entwine
Toe society’s line
Their World turning mine
A way back to the fold
Seeking gold
Empowering and making bold
…. Even just a flame to hold
Flickering … Hope
Burning somewhere deep within
A new chapter
Waiting to begin
A desire
To just look myself in the face
Find my saving grace
And a way back into the race

Billy 14/11/16

Falling in Slow Motion



But in slow motion so I see everything clearly

Reaching out a hand
And almost catching hold


Oh… so nearly

Whilst clinging close
Those thoughts held so dearly

Images of loved ones
Picturing faces so clearly

And times gone by

Times of smiles

And wasted whiles…
And memories stretching on for miles

All remembered
Fondly framed

To keep the feelings fresh

Alive and aflame
Although time demands
That nothing stays the same

I’m falling
But only on the inside
There is no need to fear

There’s nothing that can hurt me

In here
Billy 13/8/15

Wonderland Lost


I’m the emotional equivalent of a fucking A to Z
Don’t matter what I say ’cause once I’ve said it it’s been said
As long as you’re aware I won’t be silent ’til I’m dead
If you disagree that’s fine with me, just shut me out your head

But that’s summat else, no more excusing myself for feeling
If you don’t get me, the flaw is yours, so just crack on with dealing
I’m speaking out for me and mine, not to appear appealing
So pay attention, you never know, it could be quite revealing

I’m not the kind of man who’s gonna take the shit I did
No longer going to hide, I’m speaking out, no longer hid
Either listen or you don’t, I’ll say my piece, I’ll make my bid
I’m building a world on those I need, the rest I’m getting rid

Pulling up the drawbridge, this is where I make my stand
If you’re on this journey with me just make sure you’re close at hand
I will be there, right by your side, if your needs so demand
I’m facing up to real life now, there is no Wonderland

Billy 11/07/2014 😀