Don’t Ask Me


Don’t ask me to explain

Why sometimes

I’d rather walk in the rain

Why words

Can sometimes fail

Or just seem to no avail

Don’t ask me the reason why

Faith as strong as the sky is high

Can be shattered

In a moment

A loosely swaying remnant


Don’t look to me for light

Like some kind of

Altruistic knight

I’m not even close

To gaining best

In my own internal conquest

Don’t ever try to understand

The forces that seem

To guide a hand

We’re a different person every day

Each step we take

Dictates our way


Don’t look for fairness or parity

In a World  built on greed

Not charity

There is no graciously warm relief

Until first you’ve tasted

Bitter grief

Don’t expect to see shame

Reflected in the eyes

Of those you blame

They’ll always find a way to justify

Or give themselves

An alibi


Don’t ask me to explain

Why life today

Just seems steeped in pain

It’s not that I don’t care

It’s just I have no more

Faith to share


Billy 14/4/17








Gods with their backs turned


My thoughts are with Paris
But I’m not going to pray
There is no magic man listening out
For any words I can say

I’m not going to fawn to belief
In a God who refuses to act
Who stands by watching innocents die
Then demands praise after the fact

I will not bend my knee
In deference to your grace
When the only time I see you
Is when you’re spitting in my face

In Paris, people lay dying
And many turned their face to you
Then trip over themselves to justify
The nothing you chose to do

People die in God’s names
And that will never end
Until the day we awake and see
This God? He’s not your friend

What friend would take the things you love?
What friend would leave you in that hole?
What friend would leave you there to die?
What friend would claim your eternal soul?

We forever take the credit for good
And lay it at God’s feet
Yet all the bad that happens?
We blame on faith’s defeat

It’s men who get to decide
Which people live and die
To pass the blame to an unseen God
Is nothing but a lie

It’s a brave man who turns from his faith
And into truth, deeply delves
To find, we are the heaven and hell on this Earth
We are the Gods ourselves

Billy 14/11/2015