For Whom the Poll Tolls


Once more unto the breach, dear friends

Once more the polling booth calls

A chance to exorcise the demon

Who has our country by the balls


Once more unto the breach

Carry forth the battle cry

Reverse Draconian policies

That said our weakest had to die


Stand up, be counted, be seen, be heard

Be part of something more

A movement taking back control

From Murdoch’s grey insectoid whore


We have an opportunity

We cannot let it slip away

We have to rid our country

Of these cunts who darken every day


Society has stumbled

What happens next is key

Whether on our feet and in the race

Or toppled to one knee


Once more unto the breach, dear friends

Each day we see this movement grow

Spreading word from mouth to ear

Making sure the people know


Once more unto the breach

We wont go silently into the night

We will not let the hate prevail

We will not bow to the fascist right


Onwards, upwards, join the ranks

Add your strength to the growing might

Then standing strong and standing tall

We’ll stand our ground and win this fight


Billy 21/4/17



A YEAR IN THE LIFE OF THE DONALD ===============================

I’ve got it sussed
I’m gonna make a mint
Been paying attention this year
And I know now what to do
I’m gonna run for office
Become the guy in charge
And it really doesn’t matter
If I haven’t got a clue
I’m gonna stand on stage
And mock disabled folks
Then lie and lie and lie
Until I’m orange in the face
I’m going to blame the poorest
And the weakest in our midst
Discredit any critics
With the “facts” I’ve put in place
I’ll pander to the bigots
The racists and the fools
Dazzle them with bullshit
And the childlike way I act
I’ll stir up such bad feeling
And muddy every view
Trample on diplomacy
And ride straight over tact
A form of anti-politics
Designed to break the mould
Spurting out my soundbites
With jingoistic flair
Stirring up the ugly
What we thought we’d left behind
Falsely patriotic
Just as plastic as my hair
I’ve killed more of my businesses
Than I’m happy to admit
I will not show my tax returns
Or show you what I own
Have admitted impropriety
And there may be more to come
And you lot will still vote for me
No matter what you’re shown
The World out there is watching
To see what happens next
With bated breath they wait
To see what’s taking root
And all the while America
Stands proud with head held high
Somehow happy that they voted
For a Wotsit in a suit  

Billy 9/11/16



New day, new dawn, new horizons
Choosing flying alone or as birds of a feather
Cries of glory and anguish alike
Drift over much vaunted and fought over heather
Fears of unknown and devisive debate
Leap of faith or return to the fold more empowered
Deciding a future of change and reform
With hope riding high that the fear be devoured

Billy 18/9/14