New Beginnings


I’ve had enough of this society lark, so I’m getting the fuck out
It’s just not working as things stand, so fuck it I’m building my own
I don’t expect it to be easy, but it has to be better than this
The way I plan on kicking things off will set my future’s tone

There won’t be any politics, well not of the kind we know now
Parties will be a thing of the past, and have no place, or sway
Allowing us to live for each other, and guide without bias or greed
With a system in place, where leaders in their fields, have an equal say

I’m pushing for an ideal, a place where ego and powerlust will fade
Where those in the know can speak up, a place where conscience is key
No one who wants the power to rule, will even be let in the gate
Where decisions are made with the clarity needed for every person to see

One day we will be enlightened, when we realise we can’t eat our wealth
When we choke on the damage we’re doing, we’re killing our very own air
I’m planning my route to this future, I just need the world to catch up
You’re all welcome aboard, there is only one rule.. You had better be willing to share

I’m not against making a profit, we’re not talking communist here
I just expect those who are making, to give back in the way of taxation
You’ll find greed is the root of most issues, affecting this country of ours
If we can kill greed in this vision of mine, we can rebuild this crumbling Nation

Billy 16/02/15


Directionless Pt 2


I find it hard choosing a course at times
You know? It’s like I start one way, then just flip
Momentum trying to drag me onwards
But turbulent, wild, uncontrolled, caught in a rip
Being tossed from wave to wave and choice after choice
Roll up onto the peak, teeter on the edge, then tip
Into the unseen abyss beyond, down to new depths
Then suddenly I am back in the light, and up on the lip
Caught up in a whirlpool, endlessly on the turn, in the churn
Telling myself, “Look man, you really need to get a grip!!!”
Then forgetting myself as the maelstrom renews
A thought, fleeting, almost there, like a name on my tongue’s tip
Hazy, dreamlike consciousness, like seeing shapes in clouds
But nothing tangible, never the whole story, always only a chip
At the mercy of the winds of imagination, drifting across minds sky
The ghosts of my past, and remnants of my soul, the crew sailing this ship

Billy 13/02/2015

The Night Cries


Well, it’s 3 a.m. and I’m still up
Don’t have so much of a sleep pattern, it’s more a random guess
Things kinda happen when they want
A holistic way of living that used get me by, more or less

But the system’s not holding together
Which is why pervasive thoughts invade the dark of night
When defense is weakened by comfort’s lies
Forcing deep subconscious stirrings, unable to run but unwilling to fight

Distorting lines that were straight by light of day
New realities forming in the mist, but not emerging from the gloom
The constant tingle, creeping up the spine
Reminiscent of that feeling when someone walks across your un-dug tomb

Unable even to complete a simple train of thought
The “rhubarb” of random crowd noises , a deafening echo within my own head
Chiding, jeering, mocking.. an imagined assault
A carcass strewn battlefield of reality, from which this tortured mind has fled

Seeking sanctuary as a way to ease the pain
Which I suppose would be best served by trying to close these eyes
To sleep, find some peace, maybe the voices will fade?
But it’s 3 a.m. and I am sat here.. And I’m still listening to their cries

Billy 30/12/14

Misted History


I hear people talk about the “good old days”
How things were not nearly as bad
How people cared more about each other
And no-one ever seemed to be as sad

I know what they’re saying
I get it, I really do
But have they really got it right?
I mean, have they really thought this through?

Oh how easy some forget
It must be therapeutic to have memory so pure
Without the trials, tribulations, pain and regret
Of illness. cold and hunger that many had to endure

We talk about those simpler days
As though if we could, we would want to rewind
Forgetting the darker shadow we cast
The black and white truths that we left far behind

They talk about the “mists of time”
It’s taken a while, but I now know what they mean
How simply we think we resolve the past
When actually we don’t… It just remains unseen

Through misty eyes we will gaze on ahead
Those spirits we shun will continue to haunt
A link to a path that we choose not to walk
The truths are still there, but we’ll see what we want

Billy 25/12/14



“Are you sure you want to leave this page?”
Am I the only one who finds this question tense?
It just seems so terminal, so final
Closure in a can…Condensed

Something could happen which I might miss
A connection that could change my path forever
Opportunities passing unseen through the “net”
By the choice made of that connection to sever

Hovering the curser, so uncertain
Do I really need to put this pressure on a tired mind?
But by closing down and switching off now
Aren’t I technically just making myself blind?

It’s a sad state of affairs this online malarky
Addictive in how it allows easy time to pass
Not so easy when it comes to clicking to close down
The truth is, this damned internet owns my ass

Billy 13/11/14 ūüėÄ


Standing Strong


I’m going to smile,

And I’m going to laugh,

Whether you fucking like it or not


I’m gonna get through,

I am going to survive,

Go ahead, throw whatever you’ve got


I’m gonna thrive,

I’m going to feel alive,

I can stand here and take your best shot


I will stand strong,

My strength will prevail,

Shit like this sadly can’t just be bought


I was given the best start,

Blessed with a good heart,

And a will that will kneel down to nought


This is one you can’t win,

You won’t break through this skin,

I wont bend at the waist for a despot


Billy 7/11/14




Where am I going right now?
And what do I think I’m going to find?
A big old neon sign saying “Congratulations – Level 2”
Or acceptance that we’re all just shuffling blind?

Seeking some meaning, and purpose to be
When reality’s threads have un-twined
A lonely reflection of who I once was
Before fate showed her face, so unkind

An ant, one of millions in a colony
Another small cog, just trying to smooth the grind
Or a shell of a wreck in a corner
Picking through fragments of a broken mind

Billy 7/11/14