Crash and Burn


Wrong again
Always the same
You can hold on
To a living flame
Favour glanced
Then away she turned
Leaves ashen heart
And advances spurned
By desire
To feel the heat
Left feeling cold
And incomplete
A molten core
Of passion inside
Which has to dry it’s tears
……And hide
Because you got it wrong again
It’s always the same
Gagging on rejection
And choking
On shame
Fake humility
As hope is churned
As once again
You’ve crashed
And burned
Billy 04/02/2017

Why Sigh?


I sigh
Because I know I must
To give the feeling breath
And I know the feeling breathes
Because I sigh
Connecting with a bond that used to feel
Without duress
To feel that feelings peak
Perhaps to cry
A distant whiff of memory
A scent to stir the soul
Without the need to question what, or why
Subconscious strings
That bind the heart
Emotions depth re-bound
The Spirit’s sad defensive need to try
Remembrance of those days before
Through distorted glass to view
A sad desire to capture
Times gone by
Reminders of a life
A life of love, and light, and song
A long time gone
So this is why I sigh

Billy 5/9/2014