A Life in the Day of


Eyes flutter open, seeing with light afresh

Unveiling visions

Sparkling with early dew


Pure and clean, untainted by the day to come

Crisp, sharp air

Nature’s heady brew


Hitting mid morning with spring-heeled leap

The child has no pride

He’s just along for the ride


Lessons learned and hurdles jumped

That first real feeling

Of battling the tide


The Mid-day sun brings heat and passion’s flame

Playing along with the game

And those first pangs of shame


Chasing memories while the energy is fresh

Marking your territory

And staking your claim


Stealing smiles across the afternoon

As the day peaks

And time inexorably leaks


Accelerating forward

Turning minutes to hours, hours to days

And days into weeks


Then eventide to bask in the glow

Make sense of the day

Take pride in your stock


Remembering the air, the light

The heat of the fight

Looking back to when you walked that walk


As the shadows take over

And the darkness grows

That’s when true nature shows


A legacy of what we shared

As the light fades

And the night forces the day to a close


Billy 10/3/17












Gods with their backs turned


My thoughts are with Paris
But I’m not going to pray
There is no magic man listening out
For any words I can say

I’m not going to fawn to belief
In a God who refuses to act
Who stands by watching innocents die
Then demands praise after the fact

I will not bend my knee
In deference to your grace
When the only time I see you
Is when you’re spitting in my face

In Paris, people lay dying
And many turned their face to you
Then trip over themselves to justify
The nothing you chose to do

People die in God’s names
And that will never end
Until the day we awake and see
This God? He’s not your friend

What friend would take the things you love?
What friend would leave you in that hole?
What friend would leave you there to die?
What friend would claim your eternal soul?

We forever take the credit for good
And lay it at God’s feet
Yet all the bad that happens?
We blame on faith’s defeat

It’s men who get to decide
Which people live and die
To pass the blame to an unseen God
Is nothing but a lie

It’s a brave man who turns from his faith
And into truth, deeply delves
To find, we are the heaven and hell on this Earth
We are the Gods ourselves

Billy 14/11/2015

Blood Red Memories


The blood soaked battlefields
Nourished by the life that our young men did bleed
Exploding into bloom, a blazing red
Enriched by the loss of our brightest young seed
A brighter red than any other bloom
But fleeting, and gone all too fast
Symbolic of life in it’s own demise
A token of hope to remember those who passed
Each flower a face
Wide open and fresh, no tracks of any tears
With a gentle nod remember
Keep their memory alive across the misty years
Sacrifices made, prices paid
Lives used as currency to honour a debt
Those lost, husbands, fathers and sons
A cost too high, we must never forget

Billy 08/11/2015



Is there anyone there?
Can you help me?
I don’t understand
Why can’t I see?
Why can’t I even feel my own hand?
What’s happening? What’s going on?
Is that someone screaming I can hear?
Or a faint, distant song?
Why can’t I remember where I am?
What the fuck?, Anyone please?
Are those people moving around?
Or is it the movement of trees?
Think man, think!!!
Connect with your mind
What can you remember?
What can you find?
…… I remember…
….. A song …
I remember belting out the words
As I was driving along
That’s all, just a song
Hang on… Driving?
Oh no!
Please let me be wrong
Who is that fucking screaming?
I wish they would stop.. I can’t think
The noise is distracting, I can’t think
I feel numb like I’ve just had a drink
I’m sure I just heard my name called by a tree
A tree saying, “Billy, try to focus please on me”
Again, a voice asking me about pain
I’m beginning to doubt it’s a tree
That would be insane
The pain has just awoken memory
And that screaming?
It seems that’s me
I can see the paramedic
I’d thought had been a tree
It’s harder to focus now
Faces of loved ones passing in a flash
Snippets of memory
Leading up to the crash
The screaming’s stopped now
Or maybe I just can’t hear it anymore
All that’s left is a sad, bitter taste
And images of all those people I adore
I’d always hoped to go with dignity
A symbolic passing through a closing door
But fate, it seems, has other plans
So here I am on this cold, wet floor
There is a lesson here
A lesson about leaving things unsaid
About never holding back in life
Because of what may be ahead
You can count all your yesterdays
And measure time gone by
But what’s ahead is yet to be
And tomorrow is a lie

Billy 19/8/15

We Live For The Soil


We live for the soil
Over it men and women die
All for the right just to toil
While lives marked in hours pass us by

As societies simmer and boil
Fingers point and feathers fly
Bitter truths inflame, embroil
While those we chose to lead us lie

We live for the soil
Over it men and women die
All for the right just to toil
And listen to hungry children cry

A permanent state of turmoil
And a system that’s bleeding us dry
Like the world that we bleed for it’s oil
And it’s poisons we process and buy

……… We live for the soil
Over it men and women die
All for the right just to toil
With no right to ever question why

Billy 6/7/15



When am I going to get my shit together for fuck’s sake?
I really need to give my fucking head a proper shake
Not sure how much more of this shite I’m willing to fucking take
Just sick of hiding the real me to be some kind of plastic fake

When will I accept I’m just as valid as the rest
Stand me up against anyone and put me to the test
But the simple fact is crap like that can’t really judge your best
All it does is re-affirm the shit that I detest

I need to find a purpose, set a realistic goal
Instead of swimming upstream, turn around and join the shoal
I mean lets face it, I’m mainly normal on the whole
But what’s the fucking point, when I’m faced with an empty bowl

How do you quantify something you can’t even define?
How do you make your mark, when all you want to do is shine?
Where’s the right to free expression, when you have to “toe the line”?
How can I call this MY world, when so little of the fucker is MINE?

Well anyway, I’m no-one, just another runner in the race
I join in, though it burns my Soul, I tire of the chase
But no one gives a fuck as long as I bow down with grace
Live, love, breed, fade, die… While taking up our little space

Billy 15/5/15

7/7 my tribute


They climbed out of bed, brushed their teeth, combed their hair
Left home for work, with no time to spare

Head for the tube, the city is calling
Gotta earn some cash, pay the bills, keep on toiling

Or maybe a trip into town a few stops
A bit of retail therapy, hitting the West End shops

Well whatever their reasons, they were all there
Taking their seats and paying their fare

They weren’t to know that they’d made their last friend
They had no idea that their World was to end

Innocent to the last, with no warnings given
Those poor lost souls, lost on 7/7

We can never condone what happened that day
We must never forget those taken away

They may use rhetoric all twisted with hate
But we’ll rise above it, we’ll keep Britain Great!!!

Victims of a war, they had never declared
In confusion and smoke, full of dread, feeling scared

All those children of mothers, taken too soon
Never again to smile at the moon

We will not forget them, they should still be here
Killed for religion and just to spread fear

Victims of puppet-masters with vendettas to sate
We can only hope one day they face the same fate

RIP to the victims

Billy 07/07/2014