New Beginnings


I’ve had enough of this society lark, so I’m getting the fuck out
It’s just not working as things stand, so fuck it I’m building my own
I don’t expect it to be easy, but it has to be better than this
The way I plan on kicking things off will set my future’s tone

There won’t be any politics, well not of the kind we know now
Parties will be a thing of the past, and have no place, or sway
Allowing us to live for each other, and guide without bias or greed
With a system in place, where leaders in their fields, have an equal say

I’m pushing for an ideal, a place where ego and powerlust will fade
Where those in the know can speak up, a place where conscience is key
No one who wants the power to rule, will even be let in the gate
Where decisions are made with the clarity needed for every person to see

One day we will be enlightened, when we realise we can’t eat our wealth
When we choke on the damage we’re doing, we’re killing our very own air
I’m planning my route to this future, I just need the world to catch up
You’re all welcome aboard, there is only one rule.. You had better be willing to share

I’m not against making a profit, we’re not talking communist here
I just expect those who are making, to give back in the way of taxation
You’ll find greed is the root of most issues, affecting this country of ours
If we can kill greed in this vision of mine, we can rebuild this crumbling Nation

Billy 16/02/15


6 a.m.



I hear the alarm, the fog starts to lift
it pierces the dream, makes realities shift
Like being submerged then rising for air
The day rushes in, no respect, not a care

Without warning the dreamscape submits to the day
Shapes start to form as light cuts through the grey
As the mind starts to rouse and first thoughts filter in
I return to the conscious and my day can begin

It’s time to get busy, this raises a frown
The bed is so warm, comfort holding me down
to get up is a chore that I’d rather not face
But the day makes demands as it takes night-times place

I suppose in the end it’s a balancing act
The light and the dark are just physical facts
Sleeping and waking just steps in the dance
As we waltz through this life taking chance after chance

As the cognitive processes spring into action
Facing up to the fact that life needs interaction
It’s that realisation that the world needs to run
So it’s time to get up and face up to the sunĀ 

Billy 17/11/13