A Man of Many Layers


When I walk down the street
I’m who I’m meant to be
There is no incongruity here
I’m exactly what you see
At home I am seen as a parent
Protector, teacher, guide
Moulding the minds of young
And nurturing what’s inside
If we ever have to meet
You will find I fit my role
And the person I am in that moment in time
Will seem like he’s my “whole”
Respect will earn you a welcome
A hand I will gladly extend
Your problems will then become mine
As this is how I treat a friend
Come to me seeking solutions
You find warmth, understanding and tact
But wrong me and meet someone bitter
Neither pleasant, nor righteous in act
What I am trying to say here
Is that no matter what you think you know
You only know of a person
The persona they currently show
There is no definitive me
That I can now point to and say
This is the very same person I was
Both yesterday and today
So it seems I’m in a state of flux
Ethereal, like a formless mist
And the only certainty I know about me
Is that apparently I don’t really exist

Billy 27/11/16


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