Listen First, Speak Second



People are easy
If you try to understand them
That’s all most people need

To know that you listened
Heard what they said
And made the effort to pay heed

Most folks in general
Are reciprocal of charm
And of positive energy’s feed

Will give freely of themselves
Without a thought for gain
Transcending basic greed

These are the building blocks
The starting points we seek
To a fairer society they lead

One where children
Don’t have to starve
And our young don’t have to bleed

People are easy
And pretty much the same
regardless of colour, faith or creed

Keep this in mind
And we’re on the right path
Honour is a trusty steed

Billy 31/7/16




Strength is finite
Patience wears thin
You wanna talk about opinions?
Where do I begin?
Opinions mean nothing
A concept and no more
You either put yours entertainingly
Or less, and be a bore
Just because I have one
That doesn’t match your view
Doesn’t mean yours doesn’t count
It doesn’t reflect on you
All it means is that you are free
To have your own belief
Live your life by your own rules
Be your own Big fucking Chief
So crack on with your own ways
Rejoice in your own sounds
You are free to have your opinion
It just won’t define my bounds

Billy 29/7/16




Staring off
Into the grey
Lost in the haze
With nothing to say
Thoughts arising
Then drift and sway
Float off in the breeze
And then up and away
Each new thought
Never spoken aloud
Wrapped in a cloak
An ethereal shroud
Writhing in growth
Into billowing cloud
Looking for form
From a truth un-avowed
The art of the daydream
Allow it to flow
Allow it to fly and
Allow it to grow
Bring it to life
Then you just let it go
And then where it ends up
Well, you just never know

Billy 28/07/16

Writing through a veil



Writing through a veil
While knowing it’s wasted effort
And all to no avail
Achieving only discomfort
Feeling as I write
That my words are all for nothing
Well intended insight
Perceived as naught but bluffing
Writing through a veil
Of self imposed rejection
The effort to regale
A bitter self-deception

Billy 11/07/16


Drifting aimlessly
Taken by current or breeze
Bobbing along on the surface
Looking as though you’re at ease
You used to have a purpose
A function, a small part of a whole
You used to have direction
A use, you had your role
But look at you now
Adrift, thrown over the side
No longer required
A purpose that is now denied
Deadwood, taken by the tide
Swallowed by your own pride
Spat out by life
And half dead on the inside
Destined to drift
With everything you want just out of reach
Your only hope?
To be washed up on some far flung beach
Picked up from the shore to become a vision
Of what someone else can fashion
A second breath of life
To  once more be the object of someone’s passion
Billy 2/7/16