Flouncy McFlounceface



I saw something that offended me

I couldn’t believe my eyes

Someone speaking an untruth

And people falling for their lies

With nary a voice of balance

To offer an opposing view

Profanity strewn insults

Turning the internet blue

Feelings being posted

On subjects quite intense

Will give me what I’m after

I WANT to take offence

It would have been so easy

To stand and fight my cause

Make subtle points to state my case

Reaping “likes” as silent applause

But no, That’s just too easy

I have another way

Just watch this space, I have a plan

You won’t forget THIS day

I’m going to let my panties bunch

As into my hands you play

Stamp my feet like a whiny bitch

And then I’ll run away

Gather all the strength I can

Muster every ounce

And then I’ll don my tutu

And off I fucking flounce


Billy 29/4/16  😀