Hollow Victory



I hear people talk about winning
As a state achieved in life
That’s fine as long as you’re aware
It’s just one edge to the knife?

I mean, surely to win means to compete
With an end to make the victory complete
Which leads me to my point
What about those you have to defeat?

To be a winner means someone has to lose
Your elation someone else’s blues
Would you still consign them to failure
If their fate was your’s to choose?

So are you still winning?
Do you still see life as a game?
Will you only ever feel passion’s flame
And never taste the bitterness of shame?

And we wonder why society drowns
Over your shoulder, it’s trailing in your wake
But you can’t see the turmoil you cause
Too busy kicking forward to claim your stake

So anyway, don’t tell me you’re winning
When it’s built on defeat of your kin
You can keep your hollow successes
There’s more to our race than the win

Billy 7/2/16


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