Me ‘n’ the Tree


You never let me down

Well except that one time I slipped
But even that wasn’t you
It was me
That was the day my birthday jacket got ripped

I knew that would get me in bother
I hadn’t even had it a week

It was a long walk home that day I can tell you
Practicing a look
Both apologetic and meek

I never had to do that with you though
You just gave me my own personal throne

A place I could look down on the world

………………… A place I could be alone

Free from the torment of judgment
Whether real, or imagined truth

Your canopy a comfortable embrace
Shielding me through the angst of youth

I could sit there and see for miles

Or hide unnoticed as strangers pass below

Was I too old to pretend I was a spy?
And smile as they pass
Knowing they’d never know

You wore my name, among many others
All dated to bygone years

Generations of youth who were here before
Others who sat here to contemplate life’s fears

I never gave you a thought back then
Yet you were always there in my time of need

You were as much a part of my growing up
As any films that I watched
Or books I could read

I looked for you today
That noble tree I ruled from
Which I built my throne upon

And the World grew a little darker
When I realised that you had gone

Billy 31/12/15


Society’s Dead



I read a bit, I watch the news
I see their points, I get their views
I know agenda sets the clues
And people hold opinions they didn’t choose

I read between official lines
I see where deception’s guide-light shines
I know the facts were never mine
And watch how truth and lies entwine

I read the warnings at the gate
I see their cause, incite to hate
I know that hope will come too late
And nothing is ever left to fate

I read the print, I shed a tear
I see their hate, and feel their fear
I know the path is never clear
And know it’s pain they want to hear

I read the signs, I watch what’s said
I see the storm, that’s up ahead
I know how easily sheep are led
And fear the worst, society’s dead

Billy 15/12/15

I’m Fine


More tired this morning
Than when I went to bed
Feeling top heavy
With all this shit running round in my head
Blends unfounded fears with self-determined truth
It’s enough to send anxiety levels
Through the fucking roof
Nauseous waves
Washing away the comfort of sleep
Fractal in nature
As outward it slowly creeps
Viewing the World through
A darkened haze
A tangible cloak
Of general malaise
Seeing hours
Which should be steeped in dream
Then greeting the day
With no spark, glimmer or gleam
Just a matt black veneer
Devoid of any sign
Hiding behind the easiest of lies ..
“I’m fine”
Billy 14/12/15

I Feel



I feel for those
Who just won’t see

I feel for those
Who don’t feel for me

I feel for those
Stumbling over tact

I feel for those
Blocking out the facts

I feel for those
Denying how they feel

I feel for those
Who say it isn’t real

I feel for those
With their head in their hands

I feel for those
With their heads in the sand

I feel for those
Who look the other way

I feel for those
Finding nothing when they pray

I feel for those
Who have fallen for the lies

I feel for those
With terror in their eyes

I feel for those
With no trust in those who lead

I feel for those
Who chose our leaders out of greed

I feel for those
Who just don’t know what they have done

I feel for those
Who put their clouds before my sun

I feel for those
Who would silence my free voice

I feel for those
Who would stifle honest choice

I feel for those
Who will recognise this curse

And I feel for all
As it’s only getting worse

Billy 3/12/15