How Much Is Enough?



How much is enough?
I mean seriously
Just how much is too much?
When you’re taking stock of “stuff”
When will you be satisfied?
You can see through the smooth and the rough
When you’re adding up all you have
How much is fucking enough?
What would it take you to stop?
And look into hungry eyes
What would make you feel their pain?
Pay heed, and want to stop their cries?
Just how much more will it take?
To maintain your cloudless skies?
When will you feel able
To turn from capitalist lies?
The World out there is burning
Your wealth fed by the fire
Every Dollar a child’s life
But your ears deaf to the screams
Bottom line justifies any cause
Personal greed still reigns
The waking World’s selfish desire
To achieve the American Dream
I look out and despair
The World just passes by
Never a single care
And no-one stops to question why
Soul, it seems, a handicap
As heart learns to deny
Blindness is a virtue
In this World that just wont try

Billy 29/11/2015


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