Wake Up and Smell the Bullshit


I have no words
…Well that’s clearly a lie

But I’m struggling
To explain
What’s put me on this horse so high

I mean,
To me it seems so clear
That far too many seemingly bright folk

Are sticking their heads up their arses
While their hard earned rights are revoked

They spout about British values
While anything of value is stripped

Then accept the bullshit diversions
While their pockets
And savings are dipped

Free information is coming
Is where truth shall see

Masks will drop,
True purpose show
Those thrown to the wolves will scatter and flee

But sat back in the shadows
Strings will still be pulled

Lives will still be
Up for trade
People will still be ruled

I’m losing heart
I’m losing faith
Society deaf to the cries

Yet many out there
Are still taken in by
Their self-preserving lies

Greed has taken over
The mantra still the same

Their ball, their bat, their pitch
And it’s still their fucking game!!!!

Billy 26/10/15


Another side of me


The clown’s got out again
Fuck I need to lock his box
I’m really not in the mood
Is there such a thing as a personality detox?
There’s only so much of this I can take
Burning brightly, while I’m hiding in the dark
Dichotomous energies circle and churn
But have to keep moving, or die like the shark
Tell ya what though
It’s a hell of a fuckin’ ride
It’s only a short trip to the top
But have deceptive depths inside
Grinning, the snake’s venomous smile
The glint of pleasantry, practiced guile
As rough edged caress grinds you down
Small doses are fine. but this has been a while
I mean is this shit for real?
This change, although still me
Or is it just imagined?
And there’s nothing there to see?
Doubts, fear and questions
Dragging myself down
This battleground within
Is the reason I keep him around
I suppose he has his purpose
His reason just to “be”
He is my inner child
And just wants to be set free

Billy 12/10/15