Lost Voices


Remember when we had opinions?
What happened to those days when we were all allowed a choice?
Where did the respect go?
How do we speak out if we’re not allowed a voice?
When did we stop listening?
When did we transform into this pack of howling dogs?
When did we stop trying?
When did we lose our forward drive, our interlinking cogs?
When did it fall out of fashion
To think your own thoughts and then put it your own way
Why did we take the decision
To shout down, or ignore, what others have to say?
Why is it somehow accepted
To ridicule a view from antagonistic stance?
How come it’s now OK
To burst someone’s bubble with your own self-righteous lance
How do we get life back on track?
How can we unite these cultures so we re-entwine
When will we face it?
And stop just pretending, that everything is fine
When will we really pay attention?
Give difference somewhat more than just the customary glance
How can we look into a future?
Look around, society’s just too stagnant to advance
Speaking out should not become a conflict
If we can’t talk together then this World just will not cope
It seems to me we’re running low on options
And pretty soon the only one that we’ll have left is hope

Billy 13/09/15


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