Is there anyone there?
Can you help me?
I don’t understand
Why can’t I see?
Why can’t I even feel my own hand?
What’s happening? What’s going on?
Is that someone screaming I can hear?
Or a faint, distant song?
Why can’t I remember where I am?
What the fuck?, Anyone please?
Are those people moving around?
Or is it the movement of trees?
Think man, think!!!
Connect with your mind
What can you remember?
What can you find?
…… I remember…
….. A song …
I remember belting out the words
As I was driving along
That’s all, just a song
Hang on… Driving?
Oh no!
Please let me be wrong
Who is that fucking screaming?
I wish they would stop.. I can’t think
The noise is distracting, I can’t think
I feel numb like I’ve just had a drink
I’m sure I just heard my name called by a tree
A tree saying, “Billy, try to focus please on me”
Again, a voice asking me about pain
I’m beginning to doubt it’s a tree
That would be insane
The pain has just awoken memory
And that screaming?
It seems that’s me
I can see the paramedic
I’d thought had been a tree
It’s harder to focus now
Faces of loved ones passing in a flash
Snippets of memory
Leading up to the crash
The screaming’s stopped now
Or maybe I just can’t hear it anymore
All that’s left is a sad, bitter taste
And images of all those people I adore
I’d always hoped to go with dignity
A symbolic passing through a closing door
But fate, it seems, has other plans
So here I am on this cold, wet floor
There is a lesson here
A lesson about leaving things unsaid
About never holding back in life
Because of what may be ahead
You can count all your yesterdays
And measure time gone by
But what’s ahead is yet to be
And tomorrow is a lie

Billy 19/8/15


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