tossing and turning

Didn’t get much sleep last night
Wave after wave of throbbing pain
Groaning over the sound
Of the usually soporific, comforting rain
Trying to find a shape
Of peaceful repose
But only ever for a brief refrain
Then somehow it finds you in the dark, it knows
Twisting, writhing
Just trying to escape its grip
But tied there, caught in the rip
I’d sink if I were a ship
Asking the empty night
To just quietly past me creep
Shut the door behind it
And allow some blessed sleep
But no it’s there
Literally in my face
I wont get to dream again tonight
I’m not being granted any grace
Again I’ll wrestle with pillows
I’ll fight with the sheet
As the pain dictates terms
Of this waking defeat
And once again, the pain has won
Night-time bows to comfort’s thief
As all too soon the night is taken
Day steals in with no relief

Billy 14/8/15


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