Tongue So Sharp


You’re a clever bugger
A proper bright spark
Mind so sharp
It sees the light before the lark
Glib of tongue
and sharp of wit
If the facts are wrong
You make the fuckers fit
Wielding humour like a blade
Cutting bullshit to the quick
Always ready with a line
To make your doubters look a dick
It’s a shame they’ll never know
That the speil is all an act
Defensive mechanisms
Keeping tortured mind intact
It’s a shame you can’t just tell them
That your wish is not to hate
It’s their own fault for releasing
What was locked behind that gate
So now your heart is heavy
With truths spilled red like blood
As they reel from the tide
Of this vitriolic flood
Wishing words were left unspoken
For your conscience to appease
Or those words to have no power
And just scatter in the breeze
But those arrows have been fired
Whether chosen, or through fate
And they truly found their mark
So sorrow now? … It’s just too late

Billy 2/8/15


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