You don’t even notice it at first
The change almost imperceptible
Then you notice a nostril twitch
As it picks up something tangible
A memory, a flicker from within
As you register the scent
Still only a vague distortion
No recognition of what it once meant

And then it’s gone

You subconsciously start to seek
Tasting the air around
What was that presence I sensed?
Sensual, like feeling a sound
Another flicker
This one stronger than before
Like a block being removed
Someone’s opened up a door

Now you have it

Your 8 again, it’s teatime
The memory fills your soul
You’re at the kitchen table
Staring at the bowl
You’re racing back to ages
Left so far behind
You’re finding out how senses
Can play games with your mind

And there it is

Eventually senses align
And memories brought to light
And those faint stirrings deep inside
Are brought forth into sight
You’re standing in the street
With a glazed look in your eye
All caused by faintest scent
Of someone’s Homemade Shepherd’s Pie

Billy 11/07/15


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