Into the Dark


There’s fear in the air
For some it’s just too much
I sense it all around me
I feel it’s stagnant touch

I see it’s shadow darken light
Heartbreak building walls
Deafness to abounding cries
Locked up, darkened halls

Brotherhood a time gone by
As hate devours hope
Society hangs limp by it’s neck
We looped and tied the rope

We’re better than we’re showing
Humanity is key
Unlocking truth’s long hidden
Allow blind eyes to see

Difference can define us
But that way spells defeat
Leads us to division
And spite upon our streets

We look into the chasm
Growing darker day by day
This darkness will devour us
If we can’t find another way

Billy 27/6/15


I found a flower


I found a flower
Picked it up
Replanted it
In a plastic cup
Took it home
Filled a pot
Found a ledge
With a vacant spot
Watched it wilt
Then turn to seed
Fulfilling nature’s
Desired need
Never knowing
Or give a care
What name to call
That flower fair
I watched those seeds
Develop roots
Absorbing life
Growing shoots
Reaching up
Seeking sky
No question why
Issue forth
Resplendent bloom
Primal scents
Pervade the room
No price to pay
Just gifts they’re giving
No favours asked
Just simply living…
Billy 2/6/15 😀