The End of King Stagnation

rise again

It’s looking grim
I’d been kidding myself on I was still reasonably slim
You know? A few press ups for a couple of weeks and I’d be right back in trim
But I’ve just walked past the mirror …. And saw HIM!!!

Shit the years haven’t been kind
It looks like every event on my face has been heavily underlined
Did I not see this coming?.. I mean what was I? Blind?
Did I not see my fairest of all skins, turning into a rind

Time I made a change
But gotta keep it realistic, keep it in my range
Keep it simple and straightforward, nothing freaky, nothing strange
A simple plan of action should be easy to arrange

Re-find my inner glow
Find it’s source, remove the block and let it flow
Find the negatives that held me back, cast them free and let them go
Find the me I’m trying to find, and put him back out there on show

Just got to keep it real
Just do the best I can and get both hands back on the wheel
Put the time in, do the distance, stick to my end of the deal
Be honest to myself, and feel the best that I can feel

I think I’m on the mend
I think I’ve reached a point where I can call myself a friend
The fact I’m standing up for me shows just what I intend
Oh sad old King Stagnation’s reign is coming to an end

Billy 08/04/15


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