Misted History


I hear people talk about the “good old days”
How things were not nearly as bad
How people cared more about each other
And no-one ever seemed to be as sad

I know what they’re saying
I get it, I really do
But have they really got it right?
I mean, have they really thought this through?

Oh how easy some forget
It must be therapeutic to have memory so pure
Without the trials, tribulations, pain and regret
Of illness. cold and hunger that many had to endure

We talk about those simpler days
As though if we could, we would want to rewind
Forgetting the darker shadow we cast
The black and white truths that we left far behind

They talk about the “mists of time”
It’s taken a while, but I now know what they mean
How simply we think we resolve the past
When actually we don’t… It just remains unseen

Through misty eyes we will gaze on ahead
Those spirits we shun will continue to haunt
A link to a path that we choose not to walk
The truths are still there, but we’ll see what we want

Billy 25/12/14


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