I’m looking for a Moonbeam
I’m looking for a way to cut the dark in half
A way to light a path
Illuminate the world with the brightness of a child’s laugh

A new way of thinking
New philosophy in our hour of need
Bring it forth from seed
Then watch it take root, and spread like a weed

Make the world see the truth
Show them we can do this right
Redirect the energies that fuel the fight
That keep us all locked in perpetual night

Just a single Moonbeam
Enough to banish the darkest shade
Unfold the true nature with which we’re made
Irrepressibility, we can shine, we don’t have to fade

In time we’ll find our light
The world will emerge from the grey
Let children smile, sing, dance, even play
Leave the night of past behind, and embrace the coming day

Billy 6/12/14


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