A Hero of Heart


The World and I don’t seem to be getting on too well at the minute
But I’m going to knock it into shape

Determination and will, the driving forces to sculpt the World I want
I don’t need to wear a cape

Masks are for people hiding true intent, to keep a truth unknown
You can look me in the eye

This World I want to build is not just for me, it’s for all, and one, alike
I’ll be happy with my little piece of the pie

You don’t need to wear your pants on the outside to show you have balls
As for tights? You’re having a laugh!!

I’m just looking to create something real, sow a seed for the future to reap
Without all the costumes and faff

Most charitable acts of our day, revolve round the sharing of material wealth
Though this helps, is it really a cure?

Or just a need to appease something found deep within, bubbling under the skin
A conscience… Or Soul, running pure

We’ve created these Heroes ourselves, they’re the conscience we try to absolve
Our attempt to excuse helpless thought

But you come to a time when you have to step up, leave the comics behind
Be that Hero by submitting to nought

It’s only by building emotional walls can I begin to construct my new World
I’ll need those foundations to start

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from those heroes, although their time is gone
Their strongest power of all??.. Has always been the heart

Billy 1/12/2014


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