A Mindful Christmas


Guess what it’s nearly Christmas, that “magical” time of the year
The time when we’re all far too busy to think if our actions will really bring cheer
We’re all so swept up in the moment, so filled to the brim with our glee
We assume it’s the same for all others as well so we we fail to look up just to see

If we did take the time to look round us, look into the faces around
You may see some different expressions, you may not like what you have found
We all have our own little crosses to bear, some carry them under a screen
Some hide all their anguish behind a false smile as they don’t want the truth to be seen

Christmas is meant to be happy, it’s a time for our children to play
We shouldn’t be spoiling the moment, we shouldn’t let sadness get in the way
This feeling that this is what’s needed, although feeling that you just can’t cope
Is the true cost of Christmas for many, The tree lights don’t fill them with hope

I’m not saying don’t have a cracker, I’m not saying not to have fun
I’m just saying please think of others, just remember there’s always the one
That person who has their own reason’s, for sadness at this joyful time
Please just be aware that we’re not all the same and for some this is all just a mime

Billy 12/12/2013 šŸ˜€


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