Hitting new lows head-on with a smile
Never submitting to sink without trace
A public mask, a screen to stay unseen
Society’s desire, for me to not show my real face

“Stop being so different.. Just do as we do”
“How come it’s so hard to just act like the norm?”
“We can’t have you thinking you’re not like the rest”
“Keep taking your tablets and try to conform”

I can’t help these feelings. I can’t stop these thoughts
I’m a victim of wars that I’ve fought in my head
The result of those battles, a delicate truce
A tenuous grip that’s averting the dread

This border within me, this line in the sand
Allowing some peace in tumultuous mind
This personal feeling, my own private jail
I’m the chain and the lock, It’s my heart that I bind

It’s finding a balance that allows me to breathe
I’m alive, that’s what counts in the grand scheme of things
You thinking my difference is your’s to define
Wont stop me from seeing what my own way brings

So just bear in mind, we are not all the same
Don’t judge me for showing the heart that I show
My thoughts are my own and I’m fighting my war
Am I winning or losing? Well, I may never know

Billy 29/11/2014 😀


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