Older but Wiser


Saturday night, sat here at home
A bit of telly, coffee, summat to eat
Comfy on the sofa, the new out
Chocolate Crunchy Rocks as a bit of a treat

I remember the night clubs and pubs of my youth
The flesh market on a Saturday night session
Silly young lads, in alcohol soaked
End the night in the cells for drunken aggression

Tearful remorse as lovers say their goodbye’s
Parting ways with a heart full of beer-goggle cheer
Waking up with the shame of memory’s return
Always the same when they’ve been on the beer

You come to an age where you can’t see the fun
It even seems like a battle to get to the bar
And then there’s the fact that you don’t drink and drive
And with our streets at night? I’d rather be in the car

I wonder what happened, just when did I change?
Just when did my youth, life and spirit depart?
This new way of seeing my week to it’s end
Means I just have to face it, I’m a grumpy old fart

Billy 22/11/2014


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