Living a Life


You know, now that I’ve hit 50, I’ve been thinking
How was I expecting to feel inside?
Did I expect to be any different to the person I’ve become?
I mean, it’s not like we get to follow a guide

I remember as a child looking forward
Seeing myself but without any details that remain
Just an over-riding image of a person so far changed
But just by time, without the scars indicative of pain

You can imagine, plan, prepare
And lay all the foundations for a future in place
But then Fate takes over and BOOM!!!!
Those foundations of yours? ..Gone without trace

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing certain
Some reach their potential and follow their cause
To those who achieve such fullfilment
You have my envy, respect and applause

For me things have not gone as smoothly
That’s just my Karma and for that there is no-one to blame
Just a philosophical acceptance
That we shouldn’t all be judged as the same

So looking back now I can see how things flowed
I can see how I turned from that boy to this man
Taking solace from knowing, things could always be worse
And pride from the knowledge, I’m doing the best I can

Billy 15/11/2014 šŸ˜€


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