The Pheonix



I’m trying to keep my head above the surface
Trying to stay ahead of my own game
Rejoicing in the differences that define me
And thankful that we aren’t all the same

I’m glad I’m not a servant to the vitriol
I can look you in the eye and show no shame
Learning that we all have to live with our own pain
And that even though you’re hurting, I’m not the one to blame

Deciding that my own heart is the one that needs a path
Knowledge gained that no direction, means emotionally lame
But at least there’s recognition of a positive refrain
And the life I need to find, to stop my demons laying claim

I know I’m sounding selfish, but that’s how it needs to be
I have to grow some teeth, there’s no gain in staying tame
I have to rise up from these depths, and fly to highs anew
A living, breathing Pheonix, rising up to live again

Billy 10/11/2014


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