Accepting Me

good enough

I’m getting a handle on what’s wrong in my life
Been giving it some serious thought
I’ve been missing the link to what life really is
Confusing what I have, with what I’ve got

Missing moments with people who bring me a smile
The things that I ought to have sought
Now I’m letting these people back into my heart
Through these bars that solitude wrought

The tattered remains of those bonds I escape
Hanging limp where they used to be taut
Embracing these freedoms released from within
The rewards of heart’s battles, hard fought

Acceptance of me as the man that I am
Without which, I really have nought
Is the weapon I’ll wield, that will cut me a path
Through these trials which life seems to be fraught

Billy 2014



Snowed In


I’m snowed in again

Can’t focus long enough to clear a path

So I’m stuck here ’til I find resolve

Warmth of clarity to make the snow dissolve

It just gets worse

I have to break this trend

Acceptance of truth to let my world revolve

Reject self-blame to responsibility devolve

I know what I must do

And the steps I need to take

Like an honest look inside to see if I can self absolve

Re-assess and claim my worthiness to re-involve

Or I could think “Fuck ’em” and salt the path


Billy 27/10/2014

Start With a Smile


Just keep making me chuckle
That’s how to keep me around
Just saying daft stuff, laughing at folks
Simply keeping each other off the ground

This is what it should be about
Where society is falling short
Because some are too busy “Getting”
Without giving others a thought

This is where we can be different
And see things through clearer eyes
We realise that what really counts
Is the emotion, the heart, the sighs

We are losing our way as a people
Too reliant on cunning and guile
We wake up and feel life is a contest
Instead of greeting the world with a smile

Billy 26/02/2014

No block but me!


Thinking on, about my plight,
about whether or not I’m still able to write.
Is it the skills I lack? Or just insight?
Or is my verse just really that shite?

I really need to give it more thought,
maybe give myself a score, and no, not nought.
give myself some credit for the rhymes I’ve sought,
and the knowledge that it’s free, from me, and not bought.

Maybe I need to be less self-effacing,
just accept and enjoy that my mind is still racing,
write with the flow, with no need for erasing
these original thoughts (well I’m not fecking tracing)

Just carry on writing, put words on the page,
write about feelings and reaching this age,
write about life and escaping my cage
like a whinging ‘Old Git’, or a wise old sage.


Billy 12/02/13