New day, new dawn, new horizons
Choosing flying alone or as birds of a feather
Cries of glory and anguish alike
Drift over much vaunted and fought over heather
Fears of unknown and devisive debate
Leap of faith or return to the fold more empowered
Deciding a future of change and reform
With hope riding high that the fear be devoured

Billy 18/9/14


Why Sigh?


I sigh
Because I know I must
To give the feeling breath
And I know the feeling breathes
Because I sigh
Connecting with a bond that used to feel
Without duress
To feel that feelings peak
Perhaps to cry
A distant whiff of memory
A scent to stir the soul
Without the need to question what, or why
Subconscious strings
That bind the heart
Emotions depth re-bound
The Spirit’s sad defensive need to try
Remembrance of those days before
Through distorted glass to view
A sad desire to capture
Times gone by
Reminders of a life
A life of love, and light, and song
A long time gone
So this is why I sigh

Billy 5/9/2014

You Know Who You Are


The wasted energy of engaging with a fool
Trying to make sense, while he just rants like a tool
The glaring holes in his logic, providing the very fuel
But trying to educate an bigot, is a very one-sided duel

You can try to make sense, but it just will not go in
Eventually you’ll find your patience starting to wear thin
But I’ve learned from the experience, and took it on the chin
I should feel bad for mocking the afflicted, because it really is a sin

People talk of rights, and their right to free speech is clear
But what about my rights? If I don’t want you in my ear
If I don’t want your bigotry, your hate, your lies, your fear
Surely I should have a right to choose what I have to hear?

But anyway, that was then, today’s another day
Although he’s still a pratt I’ll deal with him another way
Just blocking out his voice, not gonna let him have his say
Should really get under his skin, I’ll call it IDIOT’S DISMAY!!!!

Billy 3/9/2014