I don’t think I’ve ever put any real thought into what I write
It’s more just fluid expression put to rhyme
I don’t ever mean to be clever with it, just say what’s inside
Or what I’m thinking at that particular time

I don’t try to challenge the mind to grasp my meaning
I try to keep it simple, that bit’s actually meant
I find it so much more effective if people find accessible
My leanings, bias or angry incitement to vent

I don’t really do ‘deep’ unless it’s emotional introspection
I don’t understand anything else well enough for that
So if it sounds like I’m trying to say something meaningful
You can bet your last penny that I’m feeling pretty flat

So I reckon I’ll just keep on chiming, clockwork-style regular verse
Keep on telling my bits of my story in my own inimitable way
Just try to make it entertain, read with some shape and some flow
The simplicity hopefully getting across, what I am trying to say

Billy  29/08/2014


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