Just listen, don’t talk


There’s been a lot of talk this last couple of days
Depression is being openly discussed
People are opening up about their depths
Trying to build faith and allow hope to trust

The world and his sister in a bid to understand
Watching close and asking questions, in their bid to lend a hand
Daring to explore those places we avoid
Unaware if our defences to those shadows be destroyed

Although I do appreciate, the efforts being made
I worry that they’re tempered, can you really lift this curse?
I know I can’t go on like this, my demons need release
but sometimes opening up too much, will only make things worse

A friend won’t only listen, they’ll want to help as well
They just don’t get the impact that this help can really make
Good intent, however noble will not ease tormented thoughts
And sometimes help from friends can be difficult to take

This is why we hide ourselves away and lock the door
The heart inside is hidden behind layers of rough bark
I’m trying to protect you from the place you seek to find
You shouldn’t touch the shadows if you can’t see in the dark

Billy 13/08/2014


5 thoughts on “Just listen, don’t talk

  1. No matter what we face, we all chose certain people we trust to open up to. I’m sorry if a general discussion might make you uncomfortable, but I don’t know if being a silent majority is helpful in the end. I say this knowing what depression is.

    1. Thanks for the comment 🙂 I agree, we do choose, we just have to be sure we choose wisely, some attempts to help can backfire and can make raw issues worse….. Those like us, who have been there (or still are) know there’s nothing worse than someone barging past your guard brandishing good intentions in your face 😀

  2. Nice write. I wanted to stop by and just say sorry you got drawn into that and I hope your reader is settled out now that you have removed my posts. I wish you the best with your blogging and have a good rest of the day. -OM

    1. As I said, I come here to read posts, not have my feed filled by a feud.. Your friend Kauf-drop is still trying to give me shit but I actually enjoy fucking people like him off 😀 So no worries …. When you n him are done come back I will re-follow … Billy

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