Living the Blues

What are you thinking?
Is there any chance I can get inside that head?
Understanding you, might help me beat this dread
I’ve been down this road before, and suffered where it led

Just some reassurance
You’d think that’s all I’d need to ease my mind
But I can feel the insecurity start to grind
Afraid to look too deep, afraid of what I’ll find

This isn’t you, it’s me
I’m a self-fulfilling prophecy, you should hear my inner scream
Not destined to be happy, never gonna reach that dream
In my own world being dragged down by chronic self esteem

It’s a game that I can’t play
I’m gonna have to face the fact that I cannot break this trend
The pain runs deep, the harm is done, it’s never gonna end
My heart must run it’s course alone and never feel that blend

I hope this all makes sense
I hope you understand this life is not a life I choose
We may walk the same paths in life, but it’s different in my shoes
So while you can still sing love songs, I’ll just sing the blues

Billy 9/8/2014


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