A Mind so Free


I wanna be eleven again, being nuts is fine
The thought processes going on are bugger all like mine
“Who’d win in a fight between Batman and an Elf?”
“Why cant I grab my own collar and be able to lift myself?”
“If I ride my bike fast, can I leave my shadow behind?”
“No way am I cleaning under my bed, who knows what I’d find”
“Of course I had a wash, no I don’t know why the soap’s still dry”
“After you’ve pulled it’s wings off, what do you call a fly?”
“Could a Policeman arrest a pigeon, for poo-ing in the street?”
“He could use paperclips as handcuffs, to put on it’s little feet”
“When i grow up I want to go and live up on the moon”
“Has anyone seen my walkie-talkies? My mate’s got a helium balloon”
“I love it when school’s shut, I can have loads of fun”
“It’s not my fault I got you up early, I don’t wanna miss the sun”
“I know I just got it yesterday, but now it’s totally wrecked”
Well I suppose that’s what eleven is all about, so what do I really expect?

Billy 8/8/2014


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