Living by Proxy


Well I’m back lovely people, has anyone missed me?
I’ve been offline for weeks, felt I was in Purgatory

It came as quite a shock, how dependent I’d become
On living my life through others, whilst sat here on my bum

I need to make some changes, prioritise a bit
Get out and smell manure in the fields, instead of wading through Facebook shit

I may have felt lost in some ways in these weeks
But it’s opened my eyes to the way that life leaks

The gaps filled with fog when I would have been here
Were spent looking inwards with vision newly clear

Facing up to the stuff that I’d been trying to avoid
Can be quite therapeutic, so I’m feeling rather buoyed

I only hope this bridge will stand strong and stay erect
My route back from the virtual, with a positive effect

I’m gonna try making that lemonade, with the lemons that life has sent
Just coming on here for a laugh or a chat, a debate or just maybe to vent

Well anyway, as usual I will end with a kind of a point
Try to make some sense of the time I’ve been spending in this joint

One foot’s in the “real-world” now, testing the water’s heat
No more living by proxy, I’m back in the driving seat

Billy 08/08/2014


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